Destination Wedding Planning Tips for Accommodations and Venues in Coronado

Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding

When a couple gets engaged, there is a period of time when they get congratulations and best wishes from family and friends. However, the messages, phone calls, and conversations about the engagement story soon transition into the next logical step: asking when the wedding is. While the event itself is meant to be a celebration of you and your partner’s love, there can be a lot that goes into the planning and ultimate execution of the ceremony. For those couples who want to have a destination wedding, there is just as much, if not more work to do.

What You Need To Know When Planning a Destination Wedding

Employing an experienced and skilled wedding planner is without a doubt one of the best things you can do to help alleviate the stress of planning a destination wedding. However, even though you hire someone to help, you still need to provide them with a big picture overview. Here are some factors you need to think about when planning a destination wedding.

Wedding Venue Location Is Everything

Don’t take that statement lightly. The venue for your destination wedding will ultimately have a ripple effect on nearly every other decision you make in regard to the planning of your ceremony. Knowing the size of the venue, whether it’s outdoor or indoor, and how many guests you can have will then help you determine just how many people you want to (or can) invite to the ceremony. Not only that, but you want to make sure that if you’re planning on having a bigger crowd, you give people enough notice, and it’s a relatively easy destination to reach either via plane (for long distance) or car. The more difficult it is to get to a potential ceremony destination, the less enticing it will be for guests to travel, even if they really want to attend.

Truly Accommodate Your Guests

When you invite guests to a destination, there is a certain trust established between you and them. You need to recognize that a destination wedding is, for lack of a better term, more of a hassle than a wedding near your area. You’re asking people to pay more, take off more work, possibly leave kids behind, and make other similar sacrifices. That being said, if they do RSVP, then they have an expectation that their arrival and participation should be seamless. Have a clear agenda for guests depending on which airport they arrive to, which hotels they might be staying at, and give them just as much of an opportunity to enjoy the time away as you’re going to enjoy the ceremony. You don’t want to have guests who regret travelling because the experience became more tedious.

Make Your Destination Wedding As Stress Free As Possible

For those couples who want a destination wedding but are worried about the stress of it call, feel free to contact our team here at Dream Beach Wedding. We’ve planned, organized, and executed affordable and all-encompassing ceremonies that focus on the love of your day, and remove all the stress.