Imperial Beach Wedding Venues on the Beach

Dream Beach Wedding Venues: Imperial Beach

For nearly 15 years, our Dream Team has been helping couples from all walks of life enjoy some of the most romantic destination weddings available. Our affordable and all-encompassing packages can provide not only a full-slate of ceremony tie ins such as photography, videography, and floral arrangements, but you also get the option to choose from one of our gorgeous locales. Each of these locations has their own unique essence, and while they are all breathtaking, some spots are going to be more private than others depending on which one you choose or what time of year it is.

Wedding Venue Spotlight: Imperial Beach

One of the first things that people will tell you about Imperial Beach is that it’s a naturally beautiful destination. It has, for the most part, remained unaltered by human interaction, and the city takes an immense amount of pride in its upkeep.

The Overview

Imperial Beach is a fairly popular destination because it allows couples to enjoy their ceremony secluded from the crowds of San Diego. It provides an absolutely breathtaking view of the Pacific horizon, and to this day we’re still blown away by how incredibly beautiful a sunset here can be. The private atmosphere actually adds another element to the special day, given that the beach is less traveled by tourists. Since we’re residents of Imperial Beach ourselves, we have the ability to offer couples the perk of actually getting married in an oceanfront house as opposed to just on the beach. This merely comes down to a matter of availability, but also couple preference. We understand that some want to have their toes in the sand for the special day.

Adding even more to the magical atmosphere, there are daily sightings of dolphins, seals, pelicans, and whales, which means that you might have some additional guests viewing or attending your ceremony! Since it is a short distance from the pier, you’ll have those levels of privacy while having access to some of the best restaurants and other landmarks throughout San Diego. With two specific locations available on Imperial Beach, it is without a doubt the best-kept secret of the city and our most romantic location.

Encanto Avenue

Located in the southwestern portion of Imperial Beach, this spot off Encanto Avenue is truly a private location for you and up to 70 of your closest guests. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Tijuana National Research Reserve. This helps create the sense of seclusion for your special day while providing an amazing amount of natural beauty.

Descanso Avenue

Travel a bit north of Encanto Avenue, and you’ll end up along Descanso Avenue, a location that provides truly exceptional views of the horizon. While you won’t get the same level of privacy as you might find on Encanto Avenue, you and up to 70 guests can still take in the beauty of the Pacific on the beach.

We Make Choosing Wedding Venues Easy

If you’re ready to start planning your destination wedding, our team here at Dream Beach Wedding is ready to create your special day. Simply let us know which package you’re interested in, or which destination you’re most drawn to, and we’ll start figuring out potential dates for your all-encompassing wedding solution.