Dream Beach Wedding Venues on Mission Beach

Dream Beach Wedding Venues : Mission Beach

At Dream Beach Wedding, we’ve spent the last 15 years (and counting) helping over 2,500 couples plan and enjoy the most magical moment of their lives. We provide all-encompassing destination wedding solutions, meaning that you and your partner don’t need to stress about the details, and can simply show up the day of your wedding to experience a truly incredible beach ceremony. As part of our services, we give couples a variety of venues to choose from, most of which are located right on the beach!

Wedding Venue Spotlight: Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a short drive from the heart of the city. It offers some different options for couples, including not only beachside locations, but also bayside destinations with the city and sailboats as backdrops.

The Overview

Part of the appeal of Mission Beach is that it’s actually on a peninsula located extremely close to San Diego. The area itself is an extremely popular vacation spot, so you, family, and friends will have plenty of activities to partake in before and after the ceremony. There are a number of homes available for rent, which is why we really like this venue in particular.  This helps give Mission Beach a fun, vibrant atmosphere that also makes it a popular choice for couples and their destination wedding. You can also find Belmont Park in Mission Beach, which includes a diverse collection of restaurants and shops. For our purposes, there are 4 ceremony spots in Mission Beach, each bringing something unique to the table.

Santa Clara Place

For the ideal beachside destination wedding, many people select Santa Clara Place. With the sand between your toes and the rolling waves of the Pacific, this northern beach location also offers privacy from any crowds at nearby Belmont Park.

El Carmel Place

Slightly south of where we host Santa Clara weddings, El Carmel provides an incredible view of the Pacific while only being a short walk to the Mission Beach Yacht Club. This provides an ideal location for your wedding photos, along with the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

The Dana

If you’re looking for an incredible bayside destination wedding, The Dana, located on the Mission Bay Channel, might be your ideal choice. With Sailboats and crisp blue water, you’ll be able to take advantage of this amazing backdrop as you say “I do”.

ZLAC Rowing Club

One of our other bayside locations, the ZLAC Rowing Club actually offers a high level of seclusion. As you have your toes in the clean, white sand, the pictures will be able to convey the magic of this spot. Since it’s located along the Sail Bay cove area of Mission Bay, you’ll have a breathtaking view as well.

Don’t Struggle Choosing Between Wedding Venues Anymore

If you decide to contact a member of our team, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our Mission Beach venues, or any of our other destination wedding options. Not only that, but we can walk you through the various packages we offer, which can help in creating a stress free ceremony for you and your partner.