Available San Diego Wedding Venues

The Best San Diego Wedding Venues

For any couples planning a destination wedding, there are countless amazing venues scattered all over the world that lend themselves to hosting ceremonies. Some of the most popular locations along the west coast include the city of San Diego and other spots throughout Southern California. With beautiful weather year round, San Diego appeals to those looking to escape the dreary winter or colder states, or simply have an amazing summer venue. For those who want to get married with their toes in the sand, or be cliffside with the Pacific Ocean and coastline as part of their backdrop, Dream Beach Wedding has unique connections to a variety of venues that give couples the ceremony they’ve always wanted. Here are the best wedding venues in San Diego we offer to couples who want to celebrate their love.

La Jolla

With breathtaking views of nearly the entire Pacific Horizon, La Jolla Beach provides couples with an absolutely incredible backdrop for their wedding ceremony. Unlike some of our other available locations, couples who choose La Jolla want to have a spot that’s off the sand in a slightly greener location. Since these ceremonies are hosed in the grass, it provides a different atmosphere. You still have amazing exposure to a memorable vista, but you won’t need to worry about you or your guests getting sandy feet to enjoy the experience. That being said, some will elect to have a sand ceremony, and the La Jolla Shores are the perfect destination for those couples. There are countless rolling waves, and the unmistakable beauty of the southern California sunset. No matter which specific location you choose in La Jolla, it’s going to be a magical spot that you and your partner will cherish forever.

Coronado Beach

If you’re looking to enjoy your ceremony in a more iconic location, Coronado Beach is the venue for you. The main appeal of Coronado Beach is the historic Hotel Del Coronado. Within the area, there are actually 4 unique venues: South Beach, Centennial Park, Central Beach, and North Beach. Each offers a unique twist on the Coronado experience. For example, in Central Beach, there is a truly unmistakable vibe of a Southern California beach town that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. For a more private ceremony, Centennial Park is on the eastern side of the peninsula, which provides a different view than the other three Coronado Beach venues and a bit more isolation.

Imperial Beach

Sometimes considered a hidden gem in southern California, Imperial Beach is one of the most popular Dream Beach Wedding venues. Many people are surprised to find out that Imperial Beach is in the most Southwesterly city in the United States, and this makes it a less traveled destination. With fewer regular visitors, this also means there are going to be fewer beachgoers and more privacy for your ceremony. This level of intimacy is one of the biggest draws of Imperial Beach. Since members of our Dream Team are also residents in the area, we have the ability to offer couples the opportunity to not only get married here, but have their reception at an exclusive oceanfront house not accessible to the public.