Outdoor Wedding Venue On The Beach

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Favorite Outdoor Wedding Venues

As the 20th century drifts further away, more and more people are seeking other options for their weddings. Churches are still, by far, the most popular places to have a wedding, but they are quickly being dethroned by non-traditional venues, many of which are outdoors. More people are getting creative, and more gatherings of friends and family are having fun celebrating with their loved ones. Some of the most popular places actually require a few extra steps to host, with paperwork and licensing among the things that set outdoor wedding venues apart from traditional wedding venues.   


With warm sand under your feet and the crash of waves in the background, the beach is a popular choice for the modern wedding. Even the most made-up members of the wedding party love the fresh spray of salty seawater, and leaving footprints in the sand. Having a wedding at the beach makes a new tradition, the blending of sand, all the more meaningful. A twilight beach wedding can give way to an exciting evening at a venue at or near the beach, as your night continues, making beautiful memories even more beautiful. With assistance from a wedding planner, you will have nothing but magic on your special day.


Imagine saying your vows against a background of lush hills lined with bright greens and warm, reddish-browns. Vineyards have the distinct advantage of having incredibly beautiful views, and plenty of space, even for larger events. Vineyards are often chosen for event locations for corporations, family reunions, and bridal showers, and some even offer lodging options, and spas. You could have all of these things and the warm, clean air of the countryside as you begin the next chapter of your life.


For the budget conscious that still care about the beauty of their surroundings, many public parks are available to host weddings and receptions. It may be necessary for you to get in touch with your city’s Department of Parks and Recreation, but your City Hall may also provide some assistance. This is also an excellent example of how a wedding planner could be of use to you: a wedding planner would be able to get in touch with the right people to make your dream venue the place that you go to say your ‘I dos.’ Most parks are large enough for the multi-part wedding, too: plenty of room to seat guests, have a cocktail hour, set up a DJ, and place tables and chairs for the reception.


If you and your significant other reside together, or if either of you have family members with large backyards, this could cut your wedding budget by up to 60%: even drab backyards can be made up to be beautiful and welcoming. Even with larger backyards, this is generally appropriate for smaller weddings, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a try! With a willing friend or family member making their property available to you, you’ve got more money in your budget to spend on things that you may also want, like snacks for cocktail hour, vests for the groomsmen, and an extra round of beer for the mothers-in-law.