Outdoor Beach Wedding Created By A Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Connections

The Benefits Of A Wedding Planner

Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera is fun to watch on his show, My Fair Wedding, and the behind-the-scenes spin-off, My Fair Wedding Behind the Veil. Through all of the twists and turns of wedding and event planning, he takes on all of the work that he possibly can, gives a nod to the vendors that work with him and his company, and is there to straighten out last-minute kinks for the day of the wedding. We can’t all afford to have the magic of David Tutera bless our wedding days, but what we can take away from his entertaining show is how incredibly helpful and resourceful wedding planners truly are, especially when things are getting down to the last minute, and you need help with contracts, or aren’t sure why something has begun. The last thing that you need to navigate the deep waters of event planning without at least a guide, and your guide will be knowledgeable, and well-connected.

Food, the Biggest Deal

Some people will spend an upwards of $20,000 to feed the people that come from far and wide to celebrate with them. For weddings with several hundred guests, this is just a reality, but it is possible that, in hiring a wedding planner, they will be able to get you the most for your money. Vendors may be willing and able to discount the costs of their different services, while still making your special meal on your special day memorable. A wedding planner will go with you to sample cake, entrees, appetizers, and cocktails, give you their honest opinion, but leave the final decision to you and your soon-to-be.  Where the wedding cake is concerned, maybe you have a specific bakery that you would like to make your cake, but if not, back to the wedding planner you go! Your wedding planner will not only take you to their choice bakery, but they will also have ideas about the design of your cake as it relates to the overall theme of your wedding.   

Decorating the Venue

Perhaps this doesn’t seem important, but you will see the difference when you are looking at your wedding photos in 10, 20, 30 years, and you will be thanking your wedding planner for the time and effort that they spent ensuring that those flowers were in the right place. Wedding planners have aesthetic senses of design and color, which not only makes them an asset if you take them with you to go shopping for a wedding dress, but also when it comes to what should go where and why for the backdrop to the most beautiful day of your life.

Choosing a Photographer

Your wedding planner will know several wedding photographers, all of whom will be experienced with taking pictures of people that are both candid and flattering. A wedding planner will be able to work with you to get the best possible rates with photographers who have excellent quality of work, and you will simply lean back, and enjoy your day. It is courteous to offer to feed those providing the services on your wedding day, and even more people will share in the joy with your friends and family.