Rustic Wedding Venue Decor For A Beach Wedding

Traditional Wedding Venue Decor

Great Ideas for Decor for Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding is a great event. Though it can be stressful in the days leading up to the big day, the sight of your event space should be a source of pride and joy. If you hired someone to plan everything out for you, congratulations on being able to avoid the stressful points of wedding planning. If you tackled the challenges yourself, you’ve successfully navigated the intricacies of wedding and event planning, and you certainly deserve a pat on the back. Now, you’re down to the wire, with colors figured out, but what should you use to decorate? Materials used to decorate wedding venues and event sites has varied across time and cultures, but for you own special day, don’t be afraid to add some splashes of color or texture to your background.


Whether there in the flesh, or printed onto robes, flowers are a common decor for venues and brides all over the world. Western countries will have bouquets of flowers, often including roses and baby’s breath, carried by the brides on their wedding days. Within Europe, North and South America, flowers have a prominent role in decorating weddings: they may be made from gumpaste and placed on cakes, they may be part of or featured on centerpieces, they may be placed in bouquets for bridesmaids, petals are part of the flowergirls’ baskets, outdoor weddings may have canopies covered with them, or they may line the path for guests to take to the wedding ceremony. Flowers are as varied in appearance as they are in use, and people will often take flowers home from weddings, and enjoy them for the rest of their lives.


From the groom and groomsmen’s attire to tablecloths and chairs, linen has nearly as many uses as flowers. The bride’s dress, often considered the centerpiece of the ceremony, could be made from a variety of materials, including taffeta, velvet, and silk, but linen is gaining popularity as it is cost-effective, comfortable, and versatile. Linen has covered fine tables for centuries, and can also be hung from walls and ceilings, making rooms cozier and warmer.


The beauty of wicker is that the subtle woven pattern, seemingly no matter the color, is neutral. Wicker patterns can be imitated on cakes and fabric woven to reflect the simple crossover pattern.  Wicker has origins in Egypt and different parts of Europe, and is a sturdy material made of plants. It is especially useful for outdoor weddings, and outdoor receptions.

Make Your Wedding Your Own

Whether you choose a traditional material, or whether you decide to paint the walls bright yellow, your special day should reflect who you are. Don’t be afraid to let your personality as a couple show through – you won’t love your memories if you’re in a tux and a white dress when you both want to wear sneakers and beach clothes.  Never worry more for what will make your guests comfortable than what will make you comfortable, and help you to enjoy making memories that will last for a lifetime.