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Why We Recommend Each of Our San Diego Wedding Venues

The Selling Points of Each of Our San Diego Wedding Venues

As one of the biggest cities in the United States and a major tourist destination known for its perfect weather, San Diego is a huge wedding destination. San Diego natives and couples from around the world choose San Diego as the site for their nuptials—and for good reason.

Here are our four favorite San Diego wedding venues and what makes each one special.

1. Imperial Beach

We consider Imperial Beach to be the best-kept secret of San Diego and our most romantic wedding venue. Imperial Beach is the most southwesterly city in the United States, located a half-mile south of the Imperial Beach Pier. Its location gives this venue a private paradise feel, as it tends to be much less crowded than any other beach in the San Diego area.

Wedding Venue Perks

Imperial Beach is a Marine-Protected Area, offering many perks to couples being wed there, including:

  • The only dog-friendly beach in the area
  • Fewer beachgoers than any other location
  • Frequent sightings of dolphins, whales, seals, and other wildlife
  • A half-mile from great restaurants and landmarks

2. Coronado Beach and Bay

The wedding venues in Coronado Beach and Bay are some of the most iconic ones you’ll find in the San Diego area. Located just minutes from Downtown San Diego on its own peninsula, Coronado is a beautiful, historic, and convenient place to hold a wedding.

Wedding Venue Perks

  • Home to the historic Hotel del Coronado
  • Walking distance to plenty of hotels, venues, and activities
  • Just minutes from Downtown
  • Toes-in-the-sand or grassy locations to choose from
  • Iconic views of the hotel or Downtown

3. La Jolla Beach and Cliffs

It’s always wedding season at La Jolla Beach and Cliffs. Whether you want to get married with your toes in the sand or atop one of its awe-inspiring cliffs, La Jolla is sure to make an impression on your wedding guests—as well as in your wedding photos—for years to come.

Wedding Venue Perks

  • Unique rocky backdrops (or foregrounds)
  • The choice of sandy, grassy, or rocky grounds
  • Intimate or larger spaces to choose from

4. Mission Beach and Bay

The longest beach in San Diego, Mission Beach and Bay, is one of our favorite locations in the area. Located on the Mission Beach Peninsula, you’ll have the option to choose between a spot on the beach or on the bayside. No matter where you choose, you’ll have a beautiful view of iconic San Diego—whether it’s the beach, the city, or passing sailboats.

Wedding Venue Perks

  • Close to Belmont Park and its eclectic restaurants, bars, street performers, and more
  • Walking distance to the Mission Beach Yacht Club
  • Ability to choose a bayside wedding on the Mission Bay Channel
  • Plenty of beachfront choices for a walking-distance wedding reception

Contact us for more information on each of these spectacular wedding venues. We want to help you have the wedding of your dreams and are ready to help you plan your wedding—no matter which stage of the process you’re in.