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Essential Wedding Checklist

Your Wedding Will be Beautiful No Matter What

When you’ve found the person that you want to marry, everything seem to go right: you’re having better days at home and at work, your mood improves, and you begin to open yourself up to more interesting possibilities, expanding your horizons. Walking down the aisle, though, comes after a long, and potentially stressful process. Don’t worry – there are a couple of things that you can prepare for that will make excellent additions to your special day.    

Experienced Wedding Planner

Wedding planners can be quite an expense, but they are more than worth the price that you pay for their services. Wedding planners are well-connected professionals with an aesthetic sense, and specialized event planning capabilities. People who choose wedding planners are often able to get the best of what they need (as well as what they can afford) for the larger expenses of the wedding, particularly the catering, cake, and venue. Wedding planners can accompany you to cake tastings, give honest and informed opinions on wedding wear, and connect you with other wedding-industry professionals. Wedding planner will also have suggestions for photographers and makeup artists!

Sculpted Cake

With the hugely popular wedding cake reality TV shows that debuted in the early 2010s, the demand for specialized custom cakes has gone through the roof. Thousands of sculpted cakes that capture the personality and special sparkle of each couple are baked and photographed and loved each year by couples across the nation. Custom cakes are the centerpiece of the wedding reception, and need to be large enough to serve everyone attending at least one serving. Cake shops can help you create your dream cake, be it from a fairy tale, or an awe-inspiring nightmare. If you’re not sure of where to start looking for a beautiful and memorable sculpted cake, your wedding planner can help you locate an ideal place.

A Fun and Comfortable Venue

Your special day won’t be as special if you don’t have a venue that fits your personality, your  guestlist, and your budget. If you’re a blended Hindi and Jewish couple, a Catholic church may not be the ideal place for your ceremony. Making the right choice for your venue will always start with your budget, but making sure that you take your time, ask around, and check your surroundings may bring possibilities that you may not have considered. For instance, many people would love a beach wedding, but aren’t sure of the processes. Plenty of wedding planning businesses are able to assist with this very thing, and are simply waiting for your call.  

A Unique Souvenir

Everyone that marries carries with them the beautiful memories from their special day, but more people have opted to take a little more that the gifts from the guests. At the end of many contemporary ceremonies, a blending of sands to symbolize the two becoming one is kept by the bride and groom. Some have ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ t-shirts for funny photos, and some choose a loc of their love’s hair to be stored in a special place. Choosing a sweet, private souvenir is also an option, because celebrating your love will always be important.