Bride At the Beach On Her Wedding Day

Pros and Cons of Popular Wedding Venues

Your Special Day Starts with a Special Place  

When it comes to wedding venues, you’ve got two broad categories from which to choose: indoor, and outdoor. Both have a list of advantages and disadvantages. Even if the good qualities can be compromised, or the bad ones resolved, it could end up costing you money, and pushing you out of your set budget. Making sure to take what you need and can afford into consideration while choosing your event site is the best way to ensure that you are setting the foundation for a perfect day.

Rustic Lodges

Lodges are typically located in thickly-forested areas, or in mountains, which can make for incredibly beautiful backdrops as vows are said. With these locations, it may be possible for ceremonies and receptions to go later into the evening, as the areas may be sparsely populated. This is sometimes called a cabin wedding. Another great thing about lodges is  that they may also have plenty of accommodations, and the ability to host every related event (rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour). One downside of lodges is also one of their primary advantages – the isolated location. Being far away from roads or in the mountains can make traveling to the site a difficulty for some, and there may not be special accommodations for those in your wedding with special needs.


Beaches are a beautiful, fun, and highly sought-after location for weddings. With waves crashing in the background and the love of your life right in front of you in a refreshing dusk, a beach wedding is perfect for anyone that loves the idea of having a classy ceremony with a casual dress code. As with other outdoor venues, beach weddings can be rained out, it is possible that the tide will be low, and the scenery compromised. Another possible issue with weddings that take place on the beach is the possibility that glass is not permitted on the beach, meaning that your reception may have to be held elsewhere.


Traditional and always perfect for pictures, cathedrals were the hallmark of Western wedding venues from Medieval times on. Other religions held ceremonies in temples, synagogues, and sometimes in castles. Churches are almost always available to host weddings, and frequently have their own parking, so you will not have to be worried about where your guests will park. Churches, however, may not have enough space for you or for your wedding party to get ready, and the religion practiced at the church may not include both you and your soon-to-be.

Downtown Rooftops

A relatively new contemporary event space that is quickly growing in popularity is rooftops. With panoramic views of downtown areas, and just enough privacy for a ceremony to take place, rooftops are a chic and fun place to have a modern wedding. Some of the concerns with rooftop weddings include the extraordinarily wide range of prices, rain, snow, and unpleasant weather, parking for guests, and the limitations on size for the guest list. Whatever venue you choose, make sure that you find a place that fits your style, and your budget, for more assistance, consider a wedding planner.