Couple Having Fun on Their Wedding Day

Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Venues

Weddings are Fun in the Right Places

The day you say your vows should be beautiful, and lots of fun for you, your family, and your friends. Making the most of your special day starts with getting the right space to fit your needs. If you’re set on a friend catering for you, don’t choose a place that will only allow their own catering company. Big considerations can make or break your event, so make sure that you’ve considered all of the angles that may end up being very important.

DO Stay Within Your Budget.

It probably goes without saying that you shouldn’t get a place that you can’t afford. Some, though, end up stretching their budgets to have their weddings in places that they can’t actually afford, and cutting back on food and the guest list. To avoid cuts, take your time looking for a venue, and consider places that you may not have. For example, if you can’t afford to rent a garden, try calling your city’s board of parks and recreation. There may be a public park that has your new last name all over it.

DON’T Sign Agreements without Reading Them.

Again, something that should be understood, but particularly when you enter a contract, it is important to read and understand every word. The excitement of finding a great place is understandable: you’ve already met your future spouse, and now you’re one step closer to a permanent commitment. But now, you have to make sure to protect your future by being careful – some places may have stipulations that can affect your use of the facilities, like a time limit on receptions.

DO Inform Your Guests about the Rules.

If your event site has rules that aren’t common sense, it is courteous to inform your guests. If your cousin who takes his doberman everywhere is coming, let him know that he can’t bring his dog if your venue doesn’t allow animals. If your venue doesn’t allow occupancy past 11, don’t start your ceremony at 8. You’ll find yourself out of time, and possibly with a mess to clean up.

DON’T Assume that the Venue Owners Will Clean Up After You.

Sometimes the rental fee for your venue will cover the costs of set-up and take-down, but you will need to ask who is responsible for the cleanliness of the venue when you are finished. Making sure that this is clear will save you trouble and fees later. It is always better to have the full story before signing the contract.

DO Have Rehearsal at the Venue

If you are able to do so, always try to have your wedding rehearsal at the venue itself. It may seem easy enough to walk down the aisle, but you’ll find that you have more or less time than you think when your big day comes. If you make sure to get your practice in at the actual place of the wedding, everyone will have an understanding of where they belong, and where they should go when it is all over. With all of these considerations taken, your wedding should go more smoothly, and you should be left with no surprises that might put a damper on your first day as a married person.