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Top Outdoor Wedding Venues

Choosing Outdoor Wedding Venues is Choosing Nature

Choosing your wedding venue can cause a lot of stress. Not only are there endless options, but there are probably numerous types of wedding venues that you could see yourself in. To help you narrow down your options, we’re going to highlight our favorite outdoor wedding locations.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings have always had a special appeal for romantics. There’s a beautiful idea of a barefoot wedding in the sand with the waves as the soundtrack to your wedding vows, but there are some practical benefits to having a wedding on the beach, too. Beach weddings have exploded in popularity among millennials due to their convenience and their usually-lower prices when compared to traditional wedding venues.

Country Club Weddings

Country clubs have long been a standard hangout for the wealthy with their excellent services and variety of activities. Most country clubs focus on golf, and all country clubs are supported by their member’s dues, as well as financial contributions from people who make decisions about the future of the clubs. With plenty of room and facilities for events, country clubs are well-known for their abilities to host beautiful weddings. Country clubs are especially good options when considering an outdoor wedding because you can have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful reception all in one place.

Golf Course Weddings

If you like the idea of getting married on the green but don’t want the country club environment, you could consider going straight to a golf course as your wedding venue. With miles of green, rolling hills, and flexibility for events, golf courses are great for weddings. It helps if you and your fiance are golf enthusiasts—you could ask the proprietors about marrying near a particular hole or location that has meaning for you as a couple.

Vineyard Weddings

Vineyard weddings are appealing whether or not you’re a wine-lover. The scenery of rolling hills and twisted vines is picturesque, and the temperate climate in which you’ll often find vineyards makes it ideal for weddings. And if you do love wine, you and your guests will enjoy tasting the vineyard’s signature pours. Vineyards are another place, like country clubs, that often will host both the ceremony and the reception, keeping everyone conveniently and beautifully in one place.

Botanical Garden Weddings

When you search outdoor weddings on Pinterest, you’ll likely find picturesque, magical images of the bride and groom in the middle of a fairytale-like garden. You might pass these by, assuming that you’d need to live by a full on forest to make this a reality, but local botanical gardens can actually be more accessible than you might think. Call far in advance and check the prices, as maintaining the grounds for larger gardens can be incredibly expensive, but if it’s the right setting for you and your fiance, you’ll be blown away by the beauty and ease of a botanical garden wedding.

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