Couples Walking Along Their Destination Weddings Location

Top 3 Benefits of Destination Weddings

Why You Should Consider Destination Weddings

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. While many people take pleasure in planning their big day, others find themselves drowning in the overwhelming amount of preparation needed to make an event successful and enjoyable. Little details that go into weddings can end up making for a long, difficult couple of months of planning, especially for a large event with a large guest list. If you’re looking for a ceremony that requires a tad less planning, destination weddings can be an excellent option. Because they’re unique and often far away, they create limits that force you to simplify the entire process. Read on to find out some of the benefits of destination weddings.

A Quainter Ceremony

Big ceremonies are a blast, but are also overrated to many people. Those who love big ceremonies have big personalities, are typically very extroverted, and will somehow make it to greet and show their love to every single person that makes it out to be with them on their special day. For many people, this prospect is exhausting. Having to greet everyone sincerely, over and over again, makes it difficult to really appreciate the moment, the event, and even the food. With a destination wedding, there will always be fewer people, as fewer people will be able to travel the distance required to attend. While not necessarily a testament to the love that they have for you, and more a testament to affordability, the few people lucky enough to be able to see you marry will also be able to spend more time with you, as you will have more time for them.

A Beautiful Environment

Nobody does a destination wedding inside of a plain brown box. If you’re flying somewhere to get married, you’re looking for the landscape of your dreams. This isn’t a hard thing to do—just avoid places that you don’t know. Choosing an outdoor venue is almost always the end result of a destination wedding. So many places have distinct natural features, and make for incredible pictures that you can share with friends and family who weren’t able to make it to your wonderful wedding celebration.

A Wedding and Honeymoon in One Trip

Perhaps the best part of your destination wedding is that you will be able to start your honeymoon the second your wedding ends without getting on a plane! Or even if you do still have to travel a bit, you will have so many more options because of your starting location. For example, you can kickstart your tour of Japan after you marry in Thailand, or jump right into your trip up the Pacific Coast Highway after your barefoot wedding in San Diego. The entire experience will be more beautiful if your honeymoon is on the tail end of an already-beautiful ceremony. Having a long, relaxing time to enjoy each other’s company after the perfect ceremony is the best way to start a new journey with the love of your life.