Couple Embrace After Their Destination Weddings Party

Top Destination Weddings for Every Couple

Destination Weddings to Match Your Personality

Every couple has their own personality, and their own set of priorities for their big day. Some want to make their wedding a big extravagant celebration, others just want a few close friends and family members. Whatever your style, there is a destination venue for you and the love of your life. Don’t settle for the church-and-hall set up; wow yourselves and your loved ones with great sights and an opportunity to see other parts of the country. Don’t feel limited by these destinations either—there are dozens of places in each state that could be perfect for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

San Diego for Beach Lovers

The beach. The place where we can lay around in the sun, take a dip, and go right back to relaxing. Beaches make amazing backdrops for the wedding photos of your dreams. They also make for wonderful, lifelong memories. San Diego has several distinctively different beaches, and any of them could be the beach for you and your significant other to tie the knot. Your destination wedding dreams will come true when you have your barefoot wedding ceremony on a sunny San Diego beach.  Don’t forget—you want your wedding to reflect your unique style and personality. Choose a location that fits both you and your significant other.

New York for Cosmos

What do you think of when you think of New York City? Is it the incredible street food? The never-ending culture of fun? The subway? Whatever New York City means to you, add, ‘great place for a destination wedding’ to that list! New York is a prime location for rooftop weddings, a growing trend that, as much as the name would infer, just requires a building with a large rooftop, and a place for you to have a beautiful reception. There isn’t a place in New York City that doesn’t have a stellar view of a cityscape!

The Countryside for Nature Lovers

Out in the great plains, you’ve got more sky than you’ll know what to do, and all of the space you’ll need for an old-fashioned country wedding with everyone you know. Montana is expansive. With plenty of lakes and other natural water reservoirs, it makes for dreamy photo opportunities. Don’t forget the ultimate place to have your gorgeous-but-quaint country wedding: a ranch! Cattle need lots of land to graze, roll, and enjoy themselves, so a ranch house, decorated with string lights and flowers in mason jars, is the place for a dream destination country wedding. Don’t forget to order your naked cake with fresh fruit and flowers!  

The Hamptons for Swanky Couples

Imagine a lush green setting near the beach surrounded on all sides by swanky condos and mansion on acres of manicured lawn. You’re in the Hamptons, just north of New York City, and rubbing elbows with the most fabulous people in the world! Sweet, quiet, and sophisticated, the Hamptons make any wedding better with their luxurious backgrounds and high-end catering. Whether you’re on the beach, or in the mountains, choose the right destination for your wedding!  

Wedding Planners in San Diego

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