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Important Details for Wedding Venues

Things to Consider Before Booking Wedding Venues

You have a beautiful, sparkly diamond on your finger and you’ve announced your big news to family and friends. Now what? It’s time to start planning. Sit down with your fiance and delve into your wedding dreams. Are you dreaming of a beach bash or an extravagant ceremony on a mountaintop? Discuss the timing of your big day and talk budget. Next, think about your guest list. Once you have a good idea about the number of people you’ll be inviting, it’s time to talk wedding venues and wedding packages. You’ll want to visit a few different locations to find a wedding venue that’s right for you and your fiance. Be sure to consider the following things before booking your wedding venue:

Catering at Wedding Venues

There are many venues that will only allow the use of specific caterers. Check with your wedding planner or venue manager about this. If you’ve had your mind set on a certain caterer, you will want to make sure that they can coordinate with the venue. If you aren’t dead set on a specific caterer, some wedding venues might have special connections to local caterers. Another thing to consider is what food you will want to enjoy. Steak, salmon, vegetarian options? Or maybe you will have a more casual spread with horderves and finger food. Talk all these details out with your fiance and your wedding planner and be sure to ask as many questions as possible when touring wedding venues. The more info you have, the easier it will be to make a decision on the location to tie the knot!

Floral Arrangements at Wedding Venues

Flowers are one of the most important parts of your wedding day and choosing them is one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. When it comes to picking flowers for your special day, it isn’t as simple as picking your favorite flowers or favorite colors. The wedding venue you choose should greatly influence your floral decisions. For example, if you’re marrying in an ornate botanical garden or vineyard, the florals can be kept to minimum. If you’re marrying at the beach, you might want to consider a tropical bouquet with blooms that have an island feel to them. Check with your wedding planner because some wedding venues have special connections with florists!

Chair and Table Decor at Wedding Venues

Often overlooked during planning, the tables and chairs at your wedding ceremony and reception are every bit as important as the food on the table. Your chair treatments should match your style and the look and feel of the wedding venue. When you’re looking at wedding venues, ask to see some examples of the setup from past weddings. This might give you a whole new level of inspiration. If your wedding is in the spring, consider tying some fresh blooms to the backs of each chair. Flowers always provide a colorful fresh twist.

Sweet Guest Gifts

While favors aren’t necessary, they do add a special touch. Make your lovely wedding even lovelier for the attendees with parting gifts that match your decor. Cute gifts your guests can take home will make the memories sweeter, and your time together even more fun!

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