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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing Between Your Favorite Wedding Venues

The place you get married is something you’ll always remember, so of course it’s going to cause some stress when you start browsing through your wedding Pinterest board that’s overwhelmingly filled with your favorite wedding venues. Chances are, you have everything from beautiful ballrooms to perfect beaches to rustic barnyards on your mind—all equally appealing in their own ways. Needless to say, you’re going to need some help making the big wedding venue choice. Once you are ready to dive into the many options, here are some tips for choosing between your top spots.

Talk to a Wedding Planner

Even if you’re planning your wedding yourself, it can be extremely helpful to simply consult with a wedding planner to get insights into the capabilities of various spaces and how they might fit with your needs. Because wedding planners have worked with so many different wedding venues, they have both the knowledge and the connections to help you work through some of the details that will narrow down your list of options.

Take Some Steps Away from Your Pinterest Board

While Pinterest is an incredible resource for gathering ideas and figuring out what you like, it can actually become more of a burden once you get to the planning stage of your wedding. It can be a huge problem when you try to emulate a wedding that you fell in love with online, only to find out too late that it actually doesn’t work with all of the other considerations you need to make before choosing your venue. While a particular wedding venue might look perfect for one couple in one wedding, it might look completely different with your decorations and themes. And that’s not even getting into the practical considerations—is it going to limit your guest list? Is it in the right location? Is it affordable? These are actually the questions that you should start with—before choosing your wedding venue.

Consider Your Budget

Creating a comprehensive budget is the best and most important way to narrow down your list of wedding venues. Before you do anything else, sit with your fiance and decide together your total budget. Once you establish your max (and don’t forget to consider your honeymoon wishes), you can start breaking down how much you’ll be able to spend on each part of the wedding. Figure out how much you’re willing to allocate to the venue and then eliminate all of your potential wedding venues that exceed your max. This is another part of the process that a wedding planner can help with immensely.

Consider Your Guests

Once you’ve established your budget, you can move onto your guest list. Obviously, the amount of guests you invite can drastically affect the cost of your wedding, but they also have a huge impact on the type of venue you choose. Figure out your guest list first, and then look into the comfortable capacity of the wedding venues you’re considering. This is important—you don’t want to fill your venue to its max capacity. Ask the venue how many people can fit comfortably, and even then, leave some room to breathe.

Be Flexible

Talk with your fiance and make sure you both are getting what you want. As with anything else in your relationship, it’s going to take communication and flexibility to get to a place where you’re both happy.

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