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How to Find The Right Wedding Planner

3 Steps To Finding The Right Wedding Planner

There’s a formula to the wedding day of your dreams. You have to have the right fiancé, the right dress, the right venue, and the right wedding planner. Not all matches with wedding planners are a match made in heaven. How can you make sure you find the right one for you? Here are a few steps to take to make sure that you find the perfect wedding planner for you.

1. Do Your Research

When you’re getting ready to plan your big day, you are probably armed with everything you need—your Pinterest boards, your ideas, and your budget. And to get all of those things, you likely spent a ton of time researching and browsing images to figure out what you want and can afford. So when it’s time to find a wedding planner, why wouldn’t you exert the same effort?

It’s very important that you do your homework when you’re looking for a wedding planner. Read reviews, look at their website, and compare their style to your preferences. Understanding the types of weddings they’ve planned in the past will help you understand what type of wedding they’ll be able to plan for you.

2. Stay Organized

Since you’ll likely review a wide range of wedding planners before choosing the right one, it’s helpful to stay organized. Create a spreadsheet that lists out your options and all of the pertinent details about each. You could also add in columns for certain preferences you might have in mind and check off whether you think each potential wedding planner could fulfill those preferences. This will help you when you start scheduling appointments with all of the planners you have in mind. 

3. Prepare Before You Meet

Once you have a list of potential wedding planners to meet with, you’ll want to be thorough in your preparation before the meetings. Here are some things to get in order before you schedule appointments:

  • Print out your preferences. Whether it’s Pinterest boards, photos from weddings you’ve been to, or magazine clippings, you’ll want to go into the meeting with physical examples of what you like, what you’re looking for, and what you might be open to.
  • Bring your budget. This one is very important. In order to accurately assess what a wedding planner can do for you, you’ll have to bring all of your limitations to the table—especially the financial ones.
  • Know what kind of person you’d like to work with. While this will likely be more of a gut feeling than a rational decision, it’s important to go into your meetings knowing what personality types that you work best with, or, more importantly, that you think will do the best job for your style of wedding.

4. Spend Time Reviewing

During and after your meetings, make sure you’re taking detailed notes so that you can do a proper review at the end of all of your appointments. Once you’ve met with everyone on your list, make sure that you take time to review your notes and compare them to your initial ideas about the wedding planners on your list. Sit with your fiancé and really evaluate what both of you want before deciding.

Choosing a wedding planner is one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding day, so be picky! You’ll know when you’ve found the one!