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Tips For Choosing Wedding Venues

Wedding Venue Tips

Going through the variety of wedding venues on your list is one of the first and biggest decisions you will have to make about your big day. Wedding venues can influence a number of things revolving around your wedding, including your vendors, décor, the overall budget, and even attire. Use these tips to help you ensure that you are choosing the right option among the many wedding venues on the market.

Estimate Your Guest List

Though you may not have a complete list written out just yet, give it a ballpark guess in order to ensure that you get wedding venues in the correct size range. Some wedding venues have a guest count minimum. If you have too few guests in mind, you can rule those wedding venues out right away. You also don’t want to have a huge space if you have a small number of guests. Estimating your guest list will help you narrow down the options.

Set A Budget

You may have an idea how much you want to spend on the wedding as a whole, but you need to keep in mind that you will not spend that entire amount on the wedding venues. Sit down with your fiancé and think about how much you can afford for wedding venues. Then, only look at venues within that price range. If you look at something more expensive, you might fall in love and end up blowing too much of the budget in one spot.

Check Photos

As you go through the wedding venues and start narrowing the options, look at featured wedding photos from that venue and see if you are interested in visiting them in person. You will get a better idea of what weddings look like in that venue when you look at other people’s events.

Choose A Date

The date you choose for your wedding can be very significant. Some people choose someone’s birthday, or their parents’ anniversary date. If your date is set in stone, there may only be certain wedding venues available. If you are more flexible, you may have more options with certain venues. Of course, Saturdays are always the busiest days for weddings.

Determine Style

Wedding venues will play a huge role in the overall look and feel of your wedding. The venue should be somewhere you feel comfortable and natural. If you enjoy being outside, an outdoor venue might be right for you. If you like the feel of a large, open room, some type of indoor ballroom space could be better.

Touring Venues

Once you narrow down the options of wedding venues, you will want to start touring the venues. Sometimes, you will go with your gut and simply choose what feels right. Other times, the decision will be more practical based on one factor or another.

Use Wedding Planners

In order to get the right wedding venues for the overall look and feel you want for your wedding, it might be smart to get professional help. Wedding planners look at the big picture for the event and have an idea of what you need in order to make your vision come alive. Using their expertise can help you choose the right wedding venues.