Couples Married With Help Of Wedding Planner

Which Kind Of Wedding Planner Is Right For You?

How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner

Believe it or not, there’s not just one kind of wedding planner out there, waiting to be hired. Most people have this vision of a wedding planner as a person who takes care of every last detail of your wedding—a “set it and forget it” kind of planner. The truth of the matter is that you can hire a wedding planner to be as involved (or not involved) as you want. Here are the different types of wedding planners out there so you know which type of professional is a match for you and your big day.

The Full-Service Wedding Planner

A full-service wedding planner is exactly that—someone who designs and coordinates the whole affair from beginning to end. They are responsible for bringing the vision to life, meeting with and contracting vendors, arranging activities for the guests, and so on. This kind of planner is best suited for a couple who wants an intricate event or simply someone to help guide them through every single step of the wedding process. So, if you want someone to handle all the finer points in order to take the pressure off of you, then this is your kind of planner!

The Event Designer

Event designers focus on organizing the overall look of the day rather than bringing together all the logistics, such as the budget or timeline. They’re more like an interior designer for your wedding day, meaning they may have connections with vendors to help bring your dream wedding to life.

Do you need an event designer? Well, not necessarily. If you already are working with a venue manager or other wedding planner, you may not need them. Couples that benefit from working with an event designer need them to help pull off a unique idea or theme for their big day and ensure it looks amazing. If you can handle a lot of the organizing and synchronizing yourself but need someone to accomplish the overall vision, then this may be your type of wedding professional.

Wedding Day Coordinator

A person who you only use on the day of your wedding to ensure it all runs smoothly is a wedding day coordinator. They aren’t involved in much of the planning process beforehand; they’re simply there on the day off to make sure it all goes off without a hitch and to make sure you don’t need to worry about things that may go wrong.

This type of wedding professional may want to start getting involved about a month prior to the day of the wedding to make sure everything is in order. They handle the setup of every vendor as well as any clean up and post-wedding duties.

This type of planner is great for couples who like to be very involved during wedding planning and can easily handle the organizational aspect of planning as well as contracts with vendors. If you want someone to handle all the particulars in the week leading up to the big day and the day itself, then this professional is the right one for you!

A wedding planner can be as original and unique as you and your fiancé are. Just realize there’s not just one type of planner out there so you can find the right one to suit you and your wedding planning needs.