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Choosing Wedding Venues On A Budget

Finding A Wedding Venue That Fits Your Budget

If you’re planning your big day with a budget nowhere near the average wedding cost of $20,000 or more, then you’re probably looking for creative ways to have the wedding of your dreams without the hefty price tag. One area that can have a huge impact on your budget is wedding venues.

Wedding venues are many things, but for most people, they set the tone for the entire wedding. Picking your wedding venue is one of the first big choices you make when planning a wedding and will impact the decisions you make for the rest of your big day. Here are some tips to help you make choose a beautiful wedding venue that fits your budget.

Choose The Day Of Your Wedding Wisely

Saturday is by far the most popular day for people to tie the knot—it’s traditional and convenient for everyone involved. But precisely because it is the most popular day, it is the day when a wedding venue will be the most costly. It’s not unheard of for wedding venues to cost 50 percent less on any other day of the week. Remember, venues want to book every day of the week, so they may offer an incentive for days that aren’t as popular.

Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

Try to think outside the box when it comes to wedding venues. A park, an art gallery, a cozy inn, or a beautiful beach can all make great wedding venues and they’ll usually be a fraction of the cost of more traditional spaces. Think about places that don’t normally host weddings and you may find the prices are a lot less expensive than popular venues.

Look Outside The City Limits

Wedding venues in large cities will often cost more than wedding venues in the suburbs or in smaller communities. A suburb or small beach town could save you a shocking amount of money. So make sure you get quotes for venues a little outside your target area.

Choose Just A Single Wedding Venue

Many wedding venues serve as both the site of the ceremony and the site of the reception. You will save money by not paying two different location fees. Plus, your guests may appreciate not having to drive from the ceremony to the reception. Another option is choosing a wedding package, which will include both the ceremony and the reception.

Choose a Morning Wedding

What about a wedding where you serve brunch? It is tricky to get ready for a morning wedding, but if you’re open to the idea then it can save you a ton of money. Serving lunch or brunch at wedding venues are a lot more cost-effective than serving dinner. Plus, it’ll be a unique experience for your guests. How many morning weddings have you been to?

See If There’s a Pay In Full Discount

Most wedding venues require a down payment when you book with the rest of the balance due at a later time. Save up so that you’re able to pay in full when you book and ask if the venue offers any discounts for doing that. Just make sure the contract you sign has a reimbursement plan to protect yourself in case something goes wrong.

If you are a bit flexible, you can find wedding venues that have everything you want, including a great price! You must go a little outside your comfort zone to find it—but it will better than you ever imagined!