Wedding dress-shopping-is-a-must-on-planning-a-wedding

Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Dress

Searching For A Dress

When you are in the midst of planning a wedding, fewer things will weigh heavier on your mind than finding the perfect gown for the big day. Sure, you have to pick a venue, choose flowers, arrange music, and do any number of other things. But you can’t concentrate on much of anything until you have the right dress lined up. We are here to assure that your ceremony is flawless in every way, and here are a few tips to get you going in the right direction to choose a wedding dress as well.

Start Gathering Your Thoughts

Start with having a clear idea of what you want in a dress. Do you want something grand and ballroom style or something fitted? Do you want straps or would you prefer a strapless sweetheart neckline? Describing the dress of your dreams in as much detail as possible will help assure that you end up going home with exactly what you were envisioning. Another great idea is to create a Pinterest board of dresses you like, or even print out photos or cut them out of magazines to bring with you to the bridal boutique.

Take Your Honest Friends With You

When you take your mom along with you to try on dresses, she’s going to think you look beautiful in anything. But sometimes you need an honest opinion about what fits your body best and shows off the assets you want to accentuate. It’s very important to enlist friends and family who can take a look at the dresses you try on and give you an honest assessment. You might think that you wanted one style based on the photos you see on Pinterest or in bridal magazines, but a different style could end up working much better for your body type.

Choose The Right Boutique

Everyone has different taste, and a different idea of what they want the dress shopping experience to be like. It’s worth the extra effort to do research on a variety of boutiques so that your wedding dress shopping experience is fitting with your style and personality. Do you want it to be a more formal experience? Do you want a private room for your family and friends to see you try on dresses? Can you bring champagne or will they provide it? These are all questions to think about before hand. You will also want to find out what price points their wedding dresses are at so that you can incorporate that into your overall budget.

Remember Your Surroundings

Don’t forget about the venue you will be getting married in. Indoor ceremonies are fine for long veils, for example, but when you are outside for a beach wedding they end up being very distracting and could even ruin some of your wedding photos.  Make sure to speak with the coordinators at your venue to see if they have any specific guidelines for dresses at their venues.