The Planning Process For Destination Weddings

Steps For Planning Destination Weddings

When you get engaged and start to dream about your wedding day, you know there are a lot of things you will need to plan out. If you decide to go with a destination wedding, that will complicate some items, but will also make other things much simpler. Where do you start and what all do you need to do? Use these steps to give yourself a head start on the process of planning your destination wedding.

Step 1: Consider Timing

Before you take too many steps towards the big day, you will need to think about the timing of the planning process. You may have chosen a date or a season 6-12 months away and that is a great amount of time to plan a wedding. You will want to check with the venue you choose before you get your heart set on a date unless you are willing to change the venue in order to accommodate a specific date. Timing is everything with destination weddings. Consider travelers in your family. Is there a certain time that is better for them to leave work and their lives behind?

Step 2: Price Out Your Flights

It is always a good idea to know what the price levels are on the flights you will need. Check not only for yourself, but also for certain locations where family members and friends will fly out. You want to make sure there are reasonable flights in the time frame you are looking at for your wedding. Since you’re planning well in advance, you may not be able to look at exact flights, but it’s good to have a ballpark to tell them.

Step 3: Research The Weather

Destination weddings are only as good as the weather in that area. Many coastal areas have beautiful weather year round, but there are rainy spots to contend with. Check to make sure the weather is generally decent around the timeframe you choose.

Step 4: Check Into Venues And Resorts

Get to know the area where you want to have your destination wedding. In many resort locations that host weddings, there is a wedding coordinator who can take on the wedding ceremony plans for you so all you have to do is show up. But you will also want to know what else the resort has in store for family members and friends to enjoy while they are in the area. Look at other local attractions and activities to lay out for everyone.

Step 5: Look At The Local Calendar

You may not want to book destination weddings during spring break or during other huge festivals that draw lots of people to the region. Flights will cost more and you will have less privacy and intimacy for your destination wedding.

Step 6: Ask Professionals For Details

If you are sure destination weddings are what you want for your ceremony, you’ve made a wonderful decision. In order to get all of your steps in order, contact Dream Beach Wedding and let’s get started! We can help you plan the ceremony of your dreams and take some of the major stresses off your shoulders so you can really enjoy every minute of your special day.