Best Fall Wedding Venues

Fall Wedding Venue Considerations

Fall is a lovely time of year to get married, but fall wedding venues may differ from wedding venues you would choose in the spring, summer, or winter. When you think about having a fall wedding, there are many things you will want to consider for your venue. Here are a few to keep in mind.


Fall has a crisp, cool feel to it and can be a lovely time to get married. However, some parts of the country can be rather chilly in the fall and you don’t want cold winds and chilly rains coming down on your outdoor wedding. As you look at wedding venues for your fall wedding, keep the weather and average temperature of that destination in mind. Luckily, if you are going to have a destination wedding in San Diego, chances are extremely good that you will have gorgeous weather on. your special day.


Fall is a beautiful time of the year and you will want to keep the lovely fall colors in mind as you look at wedding venues. If you want to go with fall colors, you will need a venue that will act as a nice background for those colors. Some wedding venues might be too bright in color to go nicely with burnt orange and browns. If you choose a destination wedding on the beach, however, you can enjoy any color you want, including fall colors. It’s kind of the best of both worlds—a beautiful fall color palette without having to worry about unpredictable fall weather.  


When you are looking at wedding venues for a fall ceremony, keep travel in mind for your guests. Fall is likelier an easier time of the year to travel than winter since the holidays are right around the corner. But there are still school schedules for some families and other considerations you have to take in. If you want wedding venues to suit everyone in the fall, you may want to choose something close to most of your guests. If you are only inviting a select few, traveling for a destination wedding might be more possible and even more fun.

Overall Aesthetics

No matter what time of the year you get married, the aesthetics of the wedding venue will be important. However, when you get married in the fall, you have to think about the aesthetics even more. If you are going to get married outside in the park, the aesthetics could be highly beautiful in the fall with changing leaves. On the other hand, you could get bare trees with no leaves at all in the fall. It’s hard to say when they will drop for sure. If you want to ensure aesthetics, choose wedding venues that don’t change, like a beach wedding. You know exactly what your surroundings will be like and you can plan your decorations and colors around your fall theme. Wedding venues are the backdrop for the entire day so their appearance determines a lot.