Flower Arrangement Tips From A Wedding Planner

A Wedding Planner Can Help With Flowers

When you hire a wedding planner, you know you are getting an expert in the wedding field. So it is wise to use their advice in as many areas as possible. Wedding flowers are important to the look and feel of the overall event. When you want the perfect arrangements, keep these tips in mind from a wedding planner who has experienced plenty of weddings with a variety of different flowers.

Tip 1: Keep An Open Mind About Color

You may want a certain color for your wedding. You chose bridesmaids dresses to go along with that color theme, after all. However, when you are working with flowers, their colors may not be exact. Keep in mind that the colors can even vary from one flower to the next. The lighting and venue can make a difference as well. Try to choose a general hue that will go along with the colors of the wedding without getting to hung up on whether or not everything matches exactly.

Tip 2: Consider Photographs When Choosing Flowers

Your bridal bouquet will likely be in a lot of photos and so will other flower arrangements. Even though they aren’t the focal point of the pictures, you want to make sure they photograph well. Choosing contrasting colors with different shades can look nice against your white dress.

Tip 3: Make The Bridal Bouquet A Priority

This could very well be the first and last bridal bouquet you ever have, so it’s perfectly okay to treat yourself and spend a little extra on it. Choose flowers and an arrangement that will really stand out in your photos and be something that will make you smile looking back on your special day. Use the bridal bouquet as the starting point for the rest of your floral design. This way all of your other flowers will be a true reflection of you.

Tip 4: Reuse Bouquets At The Reception

If you know just what you want for the bouquets your bridesmaids will carry, you can reuse them later. Instead of separate floral centerpieces, have the bridesmaids put their bouquets into prepared vases on tables when they arrive. The colors will work with the theme and you can use the same bouquets twice.

Tip 5: Break Traditions And Go For It

If there are certain flowers you like, but they aren’t really normal for weddings, don’t be afraid to break the traditions. If you want other elements in the flowers, like ribbon or beading, go for it. It’s your wedding and as your wedding planner will tell you, it’s okay to break the mold and be unique. Don’t limit yourself to the things that people usually use in weddings.

Get More Tips From A Wedding Planner

Flowers are just one part of the many working pieces of a wedding. It’s your big day and you need a wedding planner to help you orchestrate it all in order to ensure that you get everything you want just right. Contact Dream Beach Wedding about the many details and then sit back and let the experts make it all happen.