Creative Destination Weddings


Make Destination Weddings Unique With Your Own Personal Touches

You want your wedding to be a one of a kind adventure. It should be something you and everyone that attends remember for years to come. When you think about where you want to get married, you might want to have a destination wedding to get something more special in a fun location. However, when you think about it, hundreds of people get married in the same locations on a yearly basis. So it is really that unique? There are special touches you can bring in choosing the location and in all of the wedding details to make a destination wedding truly your own.

Create Unique Invitations People Will Want To Frame

Once you pick a location for your destination wedding, you will have to invite guests. You will of course want to give them plenty of notice. But you also want the invitation to stand out as something truly unique. If you aren’t inviting many people because of travel expenses you could hand make some invitations in order to make them that much more special. Perhaps include a picture of you and your fiance or a handwritten note along with the details. Unique invitations will start your destination weddings off on the right foot.

Consider A Fun Dress Code For The Big Day

People generally know what to wear to a wedding, but if you want your wedding to be different, say so! For example, if you have chosen to be on the actual beach, suggest that people come barefoot or in sandals. If you want a Hawaiian theme, even if you aren’t getting married in Hawaii, pass out leis on the beach and have people bring Hawaiian shirts for the reception. Make it fun and unique to your personal style.

Ask Your Wedding Planner For Help

When you have a destination wedding, you will want a wedding planner to help you with the details. You aren’t there in person to deal with all of it, so your wedding planner will lighten your burdens and reduce your stress levels. Keep in mind that your wedding planner has dealt with plenty of weddings in the location you have chosen. Ask them what has been done before and what might be different in order to make your wedding stand out.

Choose The Location Wisely

There are plenty of places all around the world for destination weddings. Choosing the venue and location wisely will help your wedding be uniquely yours. Here are a few possibilities that Dream Beach Wedding can help you with.

Coronado Beach And Bay

You get some of the most beautiful views at Coronado Beach, which is settled along an iconic piece of the Pacific coast. There are plenty of reception venues along the area and activities for guests are abundant as well.

La Jolla Beach And Cliffs

Whether you want to get married right on the beach or in the grass on a cliff overlooking the beach, you can find it here. This seaside location allows you to choose between sand in your toes or clean feet.

Mission Beach And Bay

Just a short drive from San Diego, this location has bayside venues and beach locations. The fun, vibrant atmosphere often sees sailboats along with views of the city.

Your Wedding, Your Choice

When it comes to your wedding, you get to make all of the choices. Destination weddings can be as unique as you want them to be. And with the help of Dream Beach Wedding, you’ll get every detail you want with ease.