4 Must-Haves In Wedding Venues

Make Your List And Check It Twice For Wedding Venues

When it comes to your wedding, every detail is important, but the wedding venues that you choose will form the entire day from start to finish. If you end up with the wrong venue, you are stuck with it and you have to work around whatever problems it causes. Instead of having the extra headaches, make sure you include a list of must-haves for your specific wedding venue. Don’t pick a venue that doesn’t check off every box on that list. Here are four of the important things your wedding venues need to have in order for you to consider them.

Item 1: The Right Amount Of Space For Your Guests

You don’t want guests crammed into the venue shoulder to shoulder, but you also don’t want them to feel like they’re in a big, empty cavern. Getting wedding venues with the right amount of space is very important. In order to do that, you will want to have a basic guest list in mind so you know how many people you will need to accommodate. Ask your wedding planner to look for locations that will make the guests feel like they have enough room, but not something that will drown them.

Item 2: Wedding Venues With Aesthetics You Want For A Backdrop

Wedding venues are a background for your big day. Like it or not, they are going to be in every picture. So you’d better like the venue and how it looks. Check the colors to make sure they go with the theme you want for the day. You don’t want wedding venues with orange carpeting if you have green dresses. The aesthetics of the venue have to be something you can work with and something you can live with in every picture.

Item 3: The Accommodations You Need For Guests

Even if the wedding venues you consider have enough space, you also need to make sure they have the right accommodations for the guests you are going to be inviting. If you’re inviting someone with mobility issues, can they accommodate handicapped individuals? Are there places nearby for guests to stay overnight or for the weekend? Think through the accommodations your guests need and make sure the wedding venues have them before you book it.

Item 4: Detailed Needs For The Ins And Outs

All weddings have details and you will want to go over those with your wedding planner in order to make sure wedding venues meet your needs. Think about things like power. Do you need speakers to play your ceremony music? Do you want your vows to be read over microphones? You will also want to know what the venue’s schedule is. How long do you get in the venue for the amount you have to pay? Is it long enough for the event you want to hold? These questions and double-checks will help you end up with the wedding venues that will work for every detail.