Questions For Your Wedding Venue


You Want Answers About A Wedding Venue? Ask The Right Questions!

Aesthetics are important when it comes to a wedding venue, but that’s not the only thing you need. There are important details that you’ll have to cover before you agree to hold your wedding at a certain venue. If you don’t know what all you need to ask, consult with your wedding planner for help. Otherwise, this list will give you a good start.

Is My Date Available?

If you want a certain date, that should be the first question you ask. If your date isn’t available, or you want to get married a certain time of year and they don’t have availability then you can move on.

How Far In Advance Can I Reserve The Date?

If they only reserve a year in advance and you’re getting married in a year and a half, you’ll want to proceed with care. You may not get the date you want if you have to wait until later to book it.

Are There Different Rates At Different Times?

Some wedding venues will have a different rate over the weekend than during the week since most couples want to get married on a Friday or Saturday. There are also venues that might raise their rates during the popular wedding months (like June) and lower than them when there aren’t as many people getting married.

How Much Time Is Included With The Wedding Venue?

You will want to know how much time you have for set up, tear down, and mingling. You don’t want guests getting kicked out because your rental time is up.

How Much Is The Deposit?

You will need to know how much money you have to pay upfront to hold the space and then how much is due later. If there are installments due at certain times, that has to be laid out so you understand how it works.

What Is The Wedding Venue Capacity?

If you have a guest list in mind, you will have to find a wedding venue that will fit the right amount of people. You can easily rule out venues that are too small or too large for your list.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Of course, you don’t foresee canceling your wedding, but what if someone gets sick or an emergency occurs? It is best to know what the wedding venue expects in case the worst were to happen.

What Amenities Are There?

You need to know if the site is handicap accessible if you have a guest with mobility issues coming. You also want to know what kind of parking is available, and other things of that nature.

Get Wedding Planner Help With The Questions

If you don’t think you’ll be able to remember everything you need to ask, your wedding planner can come in to help coordinate the perfect wedding venue or your needs. If you have a destination wedding, they’ll take care of all the details based on your instructions so you can relax and have peace of mind about the big day.