Top 3 Benefits Of Destination Weddings

Plan Destination Weddings And Enjoy

Destination weddings can be as large or as small as you’d like them to be. They can incorporate any theme or color that you want. Basically, they can be anything you want them to be…only in a certain, beautiful location. If you are considering a destination wedding for your big day, here are the three largest benefits you will get from such a trip.

1. Less Stress With More Services Included

When you plan destinations weddings, there are much less steps involved with the process. Your professional wedding planner takes care of the little details so you can relax and rest assured that everything will be lined up accordingly. You can’t micro-manage every detail because you won’t be near the wedding venue until the big day. You lay out what you want for the beach wedding of your dreams and you let your planner do the rest. It allows you to focus on more important things, like finding a dress and the actual marriage.

2. The Wedding Doubles As A Vacation

Weddings take place really fast, on most occasions. Family members and friends gather together for a short hour-long ceremony (at the most!) and then they might have a meal together or enjoy a dance. Within a few hours, it’s all in the past and everyone moves on. With destination weddings, the wedding actually doubles as a vacation. Family can come in early or stay late and enjoy time together on the beach or with various activities. The event doesn’t have to be so short and everyone can get away from work, relax, and enjoy the vacation and wedding at once. Plus, you don’t have to get on a plane and fly anywhere for your honeymoon once the wedding is over. You’re already in a prime location!

3. Keep Things Intimate Without Hurt Feelings

If you have a growing guest list and no idea how to make cuts, destination weddings make it simple. You want just your immediate family and a few close friends to be there on the big day, but how do you tell that to your second cousin? It’s hard not to include people you love, but when you have a wedding at a different location, they understand. Not everyone can or is willing to fly somewhere far away in order to watch you get married. If that’s what you want, it works out well in both directions! You can have the intimate wedding you want and they won’t feel hurt that they weren’t included.

Start With Dream Beach Wedding And End Up Married

Dream Beach Wedding is here to help you get the wedding of your dreams in one of our numerous beautiful locations. There are plenty of activities around the area for family and friends to enjoy if they come in early for vacation. And our packages allow you to hand over the details with no worries—our wedding planners will take care of all the details!