What Should Wedding Packages Include?

Get What You Need From Wedding Packages

One of the many benefits of destination weddings is that most of the venues have wedding packages you can buy for the big day. These packages cut back on a lot of the planning angst and you get a wedding planner to take care of the details since you aren’t there to handle them yourself. There are many things that the packages can include and you can often pick and choose what you want to have on your wedding day. Here are some items to think over and look through as you consider wedding packages.

Personalization Options

No one wants a cookie cutter wedding so when you look through the wedding packages, make sure there are ways that you can personalize the wedding. You can select the flowers, the decorations, the music, and other items in order to make the event everything you want it to be…and not something another bride used last week.

Designing Elements

A big part of the wedding (and the pictures you will see later) is the overall design of the event. You will want a few different design elements included in the package. If you are having a destination wedding, for example, you won’t be there in person to oversee those designs. You need to have a professional on hand to do that for you. So that means you want to see things like floral design included in the package. You might also want a ceremony design and décor element included.

Permits And Licensing

Weddings aren’t all fun and games when it comes to the planning process. You also have to think about logistics. There are things like permits for certain venues and you will want to have the marriage license lined up as well. In order to make the events legal and binding, the package should include those items. While you will have to do some of that yourself, like getting the marriage license before the ceremony, the package can take care of filing the license with the clerk after the ceremony is complete. You don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to the technical details.

Photography Professional

One of the benefits of having a destination wedding is having beautiful pictures to show for it later. You may not have a photographer traveling with you unless you have a close family member who does photography on the side. But you can get a professional photographer with wedding packages so you have that person on site and ready for the job as soon as you arrive on the scene to get married.

Sound System And Music

You will want everyone to be able to hear you speak your words of love and perhaps you want some music for dancing and toasts later. The wedding packages can include music and sound systems so you get just the right atmosphere for your special event.

An Officiant

Like with the photographer, you may not have someone legally able to marry you in your destination traveling with you to your wedding. But wedding packages can include that person along with everything else so you are covered for the actual marrying part of the ceremony before the reception takes place.