Unique Color Combos From A Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Color Expertise

When you get engaged, you quickly turn from excitement into planning. You want your wedding to be unique and something that will truly stand out. You can do that in a number of ways and your wedding planner can help. The color palette you choose for the big day will determine a lot of the details. You will want to draw inspiration from the season and the venue you choose when you think about the mood you want to set. There are plenty of normal wedding color combinations, but if you want your wedding to be different, consider these combinations dreamed up by a wedding planner to make the day pop all that much more.

Color Combo 1: Magenta, Poppy, And Yellow

If you want a fresh, summer wedding look, this vibrant color scheme can work well. Dress most of the reception in neutrals with plain tablecloths or no table coverings at all so you can have natural wood showing through. The wedding cake can be a showstopper with a white base and tons of colored flowers on tip. Choose one of the colors for the bridesmaids and use the other two for their bouquets. The colors will pop and work together well in a unique manner.

Color Combo 2: Emerald, Cream, And Gold

If you want a glamorous wedding that doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard, these colors work great together. Let the venue and space help you design the overall aesthetic. Cover tables with cream tablecloths with sequin runners in gold and emerald. Highlight the space with greenery and garlands or a romantic feeling.

Color Combo 3: Purple, Burgundy, And Orange

No matter what your venue is like, you can make it feel like an elegant vineyard when you use these colors. The old world charm comes into play with these deep, moody colors that make the area even more romantic and intimate than it already is. Put individual bud vases in arrangements around the room to complete this look.

Color Combo 4: Tangerine, Orange, And Yellow

If you want a spring or modern summer wedding, these colors can do the talking through flowers on white backdrops. Accent the look with simple mirrors and table settings so the colors aren’t overwhelming. Flowers with these colors will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to color accents.

Color Combo 5: Black, Pale Green, And White

Some people hesitate to use black in weddings, but for formal spring weddings, black along with these other colors have a beautiful look. Mix white and light green in and the wedding doesn’t look too stark, but more romantic and subtle.

Use Wedding Planner Ideas

When you have a wedding planner helping you out with all of these details, you don’t have to worry about going with the wrong colors. They will have plenty of normal and unique ideas for you to consider for your big day. Use their experience and expertise to your advantage as you approach the day of your dreams!