Popular Wedding Venues For Your Big Day

Your Wedding, Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. While the marriage is more important than the wedding details, the details are still a big deal! All of the romance you want is wrapped up in the wedding venue you choose. When you go with Dream Beach Wedding, there are plenty of wedding venues in San Diego that will give you just what you want. Choose with care and you will end up with the perfect day to start your marriage off on the right foot. Here are some wedding venue options to consider.

The Imperial Beach Wedding Venue

Imperial Beach is one of California’s hidden gems. It the southwestern portion of the country and is a less-traveled region. There are fewer beachgoers than other locations around San Diego so it is a great location if you want an intimate ceremony. There also isn’t fishing and other activities in the area because it is a Marine Protected Area. You might see dolphins, seals, pelican, and even whales during your wedding. With this true destination feel, you can even have a reception at an oceanfront house.

The Coronado Beach And Bay Wedding Venue

When you want a beautiful backdrop for your big day, this venue is perfect for you. The Hotel Del Coronado is a main attraction in the city and one of the most beautiful wedding venues in San Diego. This piece of Pacific coastline is the perfect backdrop for any destination wedding and there are a number of reception venues and hotels in the area as well. There are also plenty of activities for guests, all within walking distance of the beach.

The La Jolla Beach And Cliffs Wedding Venue

If you want to overlook the entire ocean horizon from a rocky cliff, you can’t get any better views than La Jolla Beach. The awe-inspiring background will be in every photo. You can have grass under your feet and a different feel than having your toes in the sand. The romantic sea is in view, but there aren’t any sandy messes. The unique venues give you privacy with your chosen one and your family as well.

The Mission Beach And Bay Wedding Venue

Mission Beach Peninsula is a short drive from the center of San Diego and has a number of activities for family members to enjoy. You can have your wedding on the beach or in a bayside venue. You’ll likely see sailboats and other beautiful scenery in this vibrant, fun area.

Choose Your Own Wedding Based On The Venue

The wedding revolves around you and your future spouse—and the wedding venue you select. Take your time feeling them out as you try to find one that aligns with your personal style and the type of wedding you want. The wedding planners at Dream Beach Wedding can help arrange the details with ease once you choose where you want to have the event and lay out some of the specifics.