Reasons Destination Weddings Are The Best

Are Destination Weddings For You?

If you are starting to stress over your wedding and you’ve barely started the planning process, you might want to consider destination weddings. There are dozens of reasons to get married far, far away from your current location. You can enjoy real bonding time with your family and friends and destination weddings are truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime events. Here are just a few of the reasons why destination weddings are the best. You can decide for yourself whether or not they are for you.

1. Forget The Uncomfortable Shoes

Is there such a thing as a comfortable high-heel shoe? If so, we have yet to find it. If you decide to have destination weddings, you can do whatever you want for your feet. Many brides like to have their toes in the sand and forego shoes completely. Even if you do wear shoes, you can get something non-traditional that fits your venue, like cowboy boots, sneakers, or whatever else you’d like!

2. Check A Location Off Your List

If you love to travel, you can check the location of your wedding off your to-do list. Couples who love adventures can start their marriage off on the right foot with destination weddings, in an exotic, beautiful location that they might not have visited otherwise.

3. Plenty Of Photo Ops

The scenery around your destination wedding is going to be drop-dead gorgeous. The photo ops in a banquet hall are limited, but at destination weddings? They are truly limitless. You can do photos yourself or hire a professional photographer. Either way, you have a beyond beautiful backdrop to work with.

4. Cut The Guest List

If you want to invite only the people who truly care about you and your fiancé, it’s hard to cut back when you have the wedding at home. Having destination weddings makes it easy to cut the guest list and make it a more intimate affair. Everyone understands that you are traveling and not everyone will be willing to travel with you.

5. Easy Customization

When you have a traditional wedding in a church or another regular wedding venue, there are certain things that are expected of you and the event. When you have destination weddings, it’s your chance to go rogue from traditions and try something new and fresh. You can customize anything you want and go with a local custom to infuse cultural flavor or do anything else you want.

6. Have A Longer Honeymoon

Honeymoons are often limited because you have to travel somewhere after the wedding and you only have so much time to spare. With destination weddings, you’re already in your honeymoon location and you’ve paid the travel expenses already. You can have your adventure starting right away and spend longer on location and less time on a plane after the ceremony.

Get Your Destination Wedding Organized Today

If you’re ready to sign on for destination weddings, get Dream Beach Wedding to help. Our locations are second to none and we’ll organize everything in your absence since you don’t live in the area. Destination weddings are truly the best and we’ll prove it to you!