Be A Wedding Planner With An Emergency Kit


Wedding Planner Emergency Kits For Those Close To The Bride

If you hire a wedding planner to organize your wedding, you’re ahead of many brides. The person you put into place will have the venue ready, the flowers in place, and the event as organized as possible. You don’t have to stress about the little details. But in the end, no one can control everything, and you want to be as prepared as possible. Here are a few things you might want to include in a wedding day emergency kit just in case something comes up.

A Small Sewing Kit

You certainly don’t want anything to happen to your dress, but it’s not just you—there will be bridesmaids, guests and plenty of other dressed up people who might need help. Get a small sewing kit with safety pins, little scissors, sewing needles, hem tape, and a few other items that can help you with loose threads, tears, snags, and other issues that can ruin nice apparel.

Super Glue

Super glue is a handy material that can come in useful for a variety of things. If you or someone else breaks a heal, for example, they can fix that for you. There might be a jewelry issue, stockings that need fixing, or any other assorted other things. Make sure you let someone else do the super gluing for you. You don’t need to be stuck to anything but your spouse!

Water And Snacks

It’s hard to have a full meal before the big event. Everything is busy, and you might be nervous as well. But you also don’t want to walk down the aisle feeling sick or dehydrated. Keep water and small snacks on hand to get your energy up and your water intake on the level. You won’t want to fill up too much, but a little something is always wise.

Pain Relievers

The last thing you want is a headache or another ache or pain on your big day, but when stress levels are high, that’s when those things often hit. Carry a pain reliever in case you or someone else in the bridal party is hit with some kind of ailment that can be fixed with some over the counter medication.


You never know whose shoes are going to rub where and cause blisters and there are always cuts and scrapes that could occur as well. Band-Aids can help you or someone else get through the rest of the day in much less pain. You don’t want to bleed on your white dress, after all!

Ask Your Wedding Planner For Ideas

While this may be your first wedding, the wedding planner you hired has been through many weddings. Ask for their advice on other things to include in an emergency kit. They’ve likely seen it all and will have great ideas on how you can put together a kit that will help you avoid any situations that could occur on the big day. To get the wedding planner of your dreams, contact Dream Beach Wedding for great destination wedding options.