Choosing The Perfect Dress For A Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings On The Beach Call For Certain Styles

If you’re planning the perfect destination wedding on the beach, you will want to pick the perfect dress for the occasion. There are plenty of styles and looks on the market, you just have to find what suits you and fits the occasion at the same time. Use these tips to get something that works well and keeps you comfortable throughout the big event.

Tip 1: Go Light To Avoid Heat

If you’re getting married on the beach, you might run into a warm, sunny day. It’s often a good idea to get a fabric that is lighter and airier so you don’t get hot and sticky in the middle of the ceremony or later in the day.

Tip 2: Forget The Train

Sand can stick to anything and if you are dragging a train over the beach, you’d better believe it’s going to be filled with sand by the time you make it down the aisle. Most brides are better off without a train at all and some even choose shorter dresses to avoid the mess of the sand.

Tip 3: Consider Your Body Type

If there’s a certain style you like, go for it, but make sure it fits your body style and type. Certain dresses look better on certain body types and you want nothing but the best look for you on your big day. That might mean passing up a dress you love on the hanger for something that actually looks better on you.

Tip 4: Go Retro

You never know what’s going to happen to a dress when you’re wearing it on the beach. Instead of buying something brand new and custom made, consider going with a retro dress or something off the rack. Whatever you wear will be stunning because of your happiness, but there’s no sense in buying something over-the-top expensive when it could get ruined in the water or among the sand piles.

Tip 5: Choose Shoes With Care

It’s usually best to try shoes on with your dress so you know what works together and what is best left apart. If you plan on wearing shoes for your destination wedding, you’ll need to choose the right pair with care. Not every shoe works well on the beach, such as high heels. So don’t try high heels for the dress length and then decide against wearing them later. You might want to plan on going barefoot or with a nice, flat sandal to keep the hot sand off your toes.

Look At Destination Wedding Examples

If you aren’t sure what direction you want to take your dress choices just yet, look through pictures of destination weddings that are similar to what yours will be like when the big day arrives. You might get just the inspiration you need to find a path towards the perfect dress. You can also ask the wedding planners at Dream Beach Wedding for their expert opinions and advice on wedding dresses for destination weddings.