Wedding Planner Suggestions For Saving Money

Weddings On A Budget With Wedding Planner Advice

When you hire a wedding planner to help with your destination wedding, you are doing yourself a huge service. Many destination wedding venues will automatically come with a wedding planner and that’s good news for you. Since you aren’t in that location yourself, it’s good to have someone on hand who is there to arrange everything that needs to go into place. If you’re on a budget for your wedding—and who isn’t—it’s nice to have a wedding planner who can give you advice and help you move in the right direction to save money on certain items within the big day. Here are a few things your wedding planner might suggest to help you save.

1. Bundle Travel Expenses

Anytime you can buy more than one service in one place, you can get a break for those services. When you book your flights, you might also be able to bundle the hotel and perhaps even the ground transportation you’ll need for your stay. You can get a break on many of those things by putting them all together in one location and purchase.

2. Trim Down Guest List

It’s easier to trim down a guest list for a destination wedding than it is for weddings that are local to your area. Traveling for your big day won’t be possible for everyone you know so it takes the pressure off those who wouldn’t make the trip. The fewer guests you have, the fewer costs you will have for the duration of the wedding event.

3. Skimp On Dresses

While no bride wants to have anything less than a fabulous dress, you can find a beautiful dress for a price that accentuates savings. Consider buying something off the rack, in an antique store, or pre-owned for savings. You can get something unique and lovely without going all out with a custom, designer dress that you’ll only wear once—and possibly ruin in the sand. The dress is an important part of the day, but not as important as avoiding taking out a huge loan just so you can have a gown that you’ll box up the day after the event.

4. The Off Season

There are high times for weddings in popular destinations and there are also off-seasons. You can save quite a bit by having your wedding in the off-season. Keep the weather in mind and make sure everything will work well for you first before you commit, but also keep your budget in mind and how much you stand to save.

Finding Savings Around Every Corner With Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are people who deal with weddings (and the budgets that come along with them) on a regular basis. If you’re ready to get married and you want to do so within a certain monetary range, contact Dream Beach Wedding and talk to the wedding planners that can put together the wedding of your dreams at a price you can afford. They’ll have plenty of tips on how you can cut back on costs to afford just the right wedding.