Do Wedding Planners Recommend Wedding Insurance?

Wedding Planners Can Help With Wedding Insurance

When you plan your wedding, you think of everything that will go right, you may not always anticipate the things that could go wrong. You want your wedding to be the most perfect day, and it should be. However, a wedding is often a large investment as an event and you might want to consider wedding insurance coverage in case something goes wrong. Your wedding planner can help you with the details of the wedding itself, but insurance can cover your losses if anything goes awry.

Wedding Insurance Defined

You likely have car insurance and if you have a house, you have homeowner’s insurance as well. You might even have life insurance. Wedding insurance works in a similar manner, only it covers the cost of vendor mishaps, damages, injuries that could occur on the big day, or cancelation or postponement the event. What if someone important in your family gets sick before the destination wedding and you can’t imagine going on without them? You might want to postpone, and wedding insurance can help with that.

Coverage Options

Most policies cover liability or cancellation or postponement, though you can get policies that cover both. As much as you want things to run smoothly, you never know what’s going to happen. If someone is injured during the event, you will be able to cover their costs without asking them to do so themselves due to your policy.

Coverage Downfalls

Keep in mind that not everything is covered. You can’t use a cancellation policy due to rain, for example, but it will cover extreme weather conditions. You can’t use it due to a change of heart, but it will work if someone is ill. There are sometimes riders you can purchase to cover other elements, but you will want to make sure you know what all goes into the policy before you sign anything.

Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

There’s no law that tells you that you have to buy wedding insurance, like there is for car insurance or homeowner’s insurance. It can put your mind at rest if you’re nervous about losing money because of unforeseen incidents and mishaps that can occur with everyday life. Before you get wedding insurance, talk to vendors involved with the reception and other events to see what their insurance covers so you don’t overlap things you don’t need. You can also talk to your wedding planner to make you feel more comfortable about what may or may not be necessary.

Utilize Dream Beach Wedding Planners

You’ll feel much more at ease with the wedding process in general when you work with wedding planners at Dream Beach. You’ll tell them about your ideal wedding and they’ll pull the details together for you. Since it’s a destination wedding you’re after, you aren’t on location to solidify things yourself. That’s what the Dream Beach wedding planners are for. Your ceremony will be arranged for you, with your details in place, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the day.