Essential Advice from Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners Insist Brides Should Never Do These Things

It would be nice if every wedding went off without a hitch, but that’s just never going to happen. While you want yours to be one that does, there are no guarantees. However, if you listen to the advice of your wedding planner and take their experience to heart, you are less likely to have issues when the big day comes. Here are a few pieces of advice from wedding planners who have seen it all—good and bad.

Never Invite More Guests Than You Can Fit In The Venue

If you know how many guests you want to have at the wedding, invite that many and no more. There may be some that can’t make it to the event, especially if you are planning a destination wedding. But that doesn’t mean you should invite extra to make up for those who possibly can’t make it. If they all ended up coming, you might find yourself in a venue bind.

Don’t Pad Invitations For Gifts

It’s also insulting to potential guests if you invite them to your wedding, knowing they can’t travel to a destination wedding, just so you can get a gift from them. If they are truly a part of your inner circle, they’ll probably get you one either way, but you shouldn’t invite people simply for the gift. Invite only who you truly want to attend.

Don’t Designate A Go Between

Some brides choose not to deal with their wedding planner themselves and that’s a huge mistake. They might have their sister, or a friend speak with the wedding planner for them to get their ideas across. That’s the perfect way for a mix up to occur and for the bride not to get what she wants out of the day. Working with a wedding planner on a destination wedding is simple. You get your ideas to them and they implement them.

Don’t Skip Gift Registries

When you’re having a destination wedding, you might feel like your family member’s presence is enough of a gift. You may even ask them not to get you anything else. But it’s still in good form to have a registry, just in case. Co-workers might want to get you something or perhaps someone will throw you a bridal shower before you take off for the big day. Gift registries are helpful in getting things you actually want or need, even if you don’t get that many gifts.

Don’t Give Gifts To Be Worn At The Wedding

If you want to thank your wedding party, great, give them a gift. But don’t make the gift something they have to wear in the wedding. It might not be something they’ll ever use again since it goes with that dress and that day. Get them something separate that is truly more of a thank you present and not an accessory for your day.

Ask The Wedding Planner Questions

While there are plenty of things you’ll need to do, with destination weddings, the wedding planner takes care of most of it. However, you still need to have answers to anything you want to know. Ask your questions and the Dream Beach Wedding planners will be there to help in any way they can.