What All Brides Need To Do Before They Hit The Wedding Venue

Pre-Wedding Venue To-Do List

If you are planning a destination wedding, a lot of the details of the big day are out of your hands. While it’s nice to be able to kick back and relax about the event itself, there are still things you will want to do before you arrive at the wedding venue for the service. Here are a few items to keep in mind.

Test Drive Your Wedding Look

You don’t want your wedding day to be the first time you try on your dress after it’s been altered, the first time you do your makeup in a certain manner, or the first time you have your hair styled the right way. You should practice everything and figure out how it looks and feels. Keep your wedding venue in mind. Is it going to be breezy by the ocean? Pinning your hair back and up might be a good move so it’s not in your face. Test drive a few options and choose what suits you and the wedding venue the best.

Submit A Shot List

There are often photographers included with destination wedding packages and that’s great, but if you want any specific pictures taken, you will need to get that list to them before you get to the wedding venue to start taking pictures. You might want certain combinations of family members or certain ideal, romantic images of the day. Get those together and to the right person before the event takes place.

Confirm Logistics

While you might not have as much to do with a destination wedding as you would with a local wedding, you still have to make sure everyone arrives safely and on time. Check around your guest list and ensure everyone has flights and when they will arrive. You can then plan when the bridesmaids should meet to get ready, where the groom and his crew should stay and dress, and other such details.

Assign Toasts

Do you want anyone to speak at your event? Besides you and your soon-to-be spouse when you read your vows? If so, you will want to warn that person in advance so they can come up with something to say. If you don’t tell them until they arrive at the wedding venue, their speech likely won’t be very memorable.

Greet Everyone

You are likely flying in for your destination wedding a day or two (or more!) in advance. Make sure you greet all of your guests, either when they arrive or when they get to the wedding venue. You want to make everyone feel comfortable and thank them for coming. Attending a destination wedding takes a lot more than an hour or two out of someone’s day, like a local wedding would have.

Getting Wedding Venue Details

You may have not visited the wedding venue in person before the big day so get all of the details you need about it from your wedding planner in advance. Your wedding planner is there to help you through the event and answer any questions you have so you are as prepared as possible.