Mistakes Brides Make With Destination Weddings

Making The Most Of Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are like any other event—mistakes can be made. And the last thing any bride wants is a kink in the day to occur because of a mistake. There are many common mistakes that brides themselves often make. Keep an eye on them and avoid making them yourself when you are planning your big day.

Mistake 1: Not Putting Yourself First

If you’re the kind of person who always thinks of other people first, that’s very nice, but it’s not how you should work on your destination wedding. List your priorities and stick to them. Planning your destination wedding should be all about you and your loved one as a couple, no one else. It’s okay to be selfish about certain things you want for the day.

Mistake 2: Not Considering Your Guests

While you’ll want to put your wants first, you also have to remember your guests. In a destination wedding situation, the people who love and care about you are traveling a long way for your big day. You want to make sure they are comfortable and that they know just where they need to be and when.

Mistake 3: Buying Your Dress First

It’s exciting to shop for “the” dress, but it’s a mistake to get the dress before you figure out which wedding venue you want for your ceremony. If you choose one on the beach, and you already have a dress with a long train, those two things might not go together very well. Consider the venue as you look for the dress that will fit the occasion.

Mistake 4: Trying To Do It Alone

Destination weddings aren’t hard to plan when you have a wedding planner to help. Wedding planners often even come with packages offered for destination weddings. It’s a mistake to try to plan a destination wedding completely on your own because you’re not on-location and it’s impossible to cover all the bases when you’re not physically there.

Mistake 5: Not Allowing A Time Change Cushion

If you’re traveling between time zones for your destination wedding, you might feel a bit of a lag when you arrive. Allow a few days as a cushion to get used to the time change so you are well-rested and ready for the event when it occurs. Or, at the very least, plan the destination wedding for a time of the day that won’t be hard to accept, despite possible time zone changes.

Mistake 6: Not Sending Thank You Cards

You likely thanked guests profusely for attending your destination wedding, but you will also want to thank them with a hand-written card after the event is over. Whether they brought a gift of their presence was the gift, sending that thank you card reminds them how much it meant to you to have them there.

Destination Weddings Can Go Right

Destination weddings can absolutely be mistake-free and with the right wedding planners from Dream Beach Wedding, you are a lot more likely to avoid mistakes others have made in the past.