Letting The Wedding Venue Dictate The Decor

Decorating Your Wedding Venue With Ease

While your wedding is mostly about you getting married, the atmosphere for the day is important as well. While the venue will do most of the decorating when you choose a destination wedding, you might still want some special things around the ceremony to make it stand out even more. Use these wedding venue decorating tips to help whatever decorations you choose go along with the venue.

Where The Ceremony Takes Place

You’ll want to focus your attention to wherever you and your spouse-to-be will be standing because that will be the focal point of the big day. While you may have a breathtaking view already, you might want to consider framing yourselves with decorations so they’re in every picture and highlight the views around you. Consider a simple gate with flowers or white tulle or maybe even twinkling white lights to give the ceremony the look you want.

Where Guests Will Enter

When you have a destination wedding, everywhere you look is rather beautiful, but guests will want to be drawn into the wedding venue. Consider some large flower vases or decorations on the backs of chairs to invite guests in the right direction. They will be ready for the ceremony based on the decorations they see right away.

The Center Aisle

Not every wedding venue has a center aisle and sometimes, you can arrange the venue to feature one or not, whatever you please. If you do have an aisle, you might want something decorated, like with scattered petals, a white runner, or other things that will highlight your entrance even more.

Have A Theme

While you might like a lot of different things, you need to make sure they all go together and, more importantly, the all go with the wedding venue you have chosen. When you have a destination wedding, luckily you get a wedding planner to help you organize your vision into just what you want for the big day. You’ll want a cohesive image that can be carried throughout the wedding venue. While you might have a basic idea in mind, have your wedding planner go over all of the details with you so you can pick and choose customized areas as needed.

Consider Lighting

You will want to remember the time of day you are getting married and the lighting that could be around you at that time. You don’t want guests to have to squint into the sun to see you and you don’t want the dark of dusk to prevent them from seeing you, either. Lighting is very important to the venue and should be done with care, even if that just means thinking about the direction of the sun at that time.

Get Wedding Venue Ideas

When you have a destination wedding, you may not have seen the wedding venue in person before. That’s why it’s important to get help from your wedding planner on the decorations. You want the venue itself to dictate the decorations that will look nice and then, you can take customizations from there.