Wedding Planner Tips: After The Wedding

What Does Your Wedding Planner Think You Should Do After The Wedding?

Once the ceremony is complete and the guests have gone their separate ways, the wedding is officially over. All of your planning paid off and you are happy you had a wedding planner to pull everything together for you. However, that’s not the end of the wedding preparations. In fact, there are quite a few things you will want to do after the event is over. Here are a few items your wedding planner might suggest doing right away or soon in the future.

Clean And Preserve The Dress

Your wedding dress was an important part of the day and you want to keep the dress in good condition for the future. There are a lot of options for preservation. First, you will want to have the dress cleaned, especially if you had a beach wedding. Then, you can hang it, box it, or do whatever else you want with it to keep it nice for the future.

Order Albums And Share Photos

The day you receive your wedding photos (which comes a lot faster today with digital technology) is very exciting. The photos are special and deserve to be shared. The best ones, you can print out and put into an album you have prepared. You can share the entire package with all of your guests and those who weren’t able to come.

Write Thank Yous

It’s important to thank guests for sharing your special day with you. You’ll want to thank them for their gifts, of course, but also for their presence at your destination wedding. They mean something to you and are important to you so thank them as soon as you can to keep things relevant.

Make Returns

If you registered for gifts, there might be things that are repeats from the registry. Or perhaps you got something similar enough and you just don’t need two. Most stores will take returns up to 90 days after the event so get things in order and make your returns and exchanges as soon as you can to keep things as simple as possible.

Freeze Your Cake

If you kept the top part of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary, you’ll want to freeze it in a way that will preserve it for the year. Getting it out a year later and sharing it with your spouse or a small group of people can be a great reminder of the destination wedding you enjoyed.

Preserve The Bouquet

If you had a special bouquet at your ceremony, you can have it dried out and preserved so it can be like a piece of art within your home to remind you of your big day on a regular basis. You’ll want to take care of this right away before the flowers start to wilt and fall away.

Getting More Wedding Planner Tips

If you want to know what else needs to go on your to-do list for after the actual wedding, talk with the wedding planners at Dream Beach Wedding to get everything in order.