Common Wedding Traditions You Don’t Always Need to Have

For Some Weddings, Old Traditions are Unnecessary

Wedding traditions have often been a part of weddings for years. Today, however, the wedding venue that couples choose allows them to personalize their day in new ways. Destination weddings are more popular, and they don’t always make traditions easy to keep. While there are some traditions you may cling to for your own day, there are others you can skip within your wedding venue. The decisions are ultimately yours, but here are a few traditions that are okay to forget if you’re okay with doing so.

Keeping The Couple Apart On The Big Day

You’ve probably heard that it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see one another before the bride walks down the aisle. While some couples still make the first time they see each other the moment they arrive at the wedding venue, others want to schedule the events in a more convenient manner. It’s nice sometimes, for example, to take pictures before the wedding happens so there isn’t a huge gap between the ceremony and the celebration after. And other couples like to have an intimate moment alone before the ceremony so their first sight of one another is in private and not in front of prying eyes.

Accompaniment Down The Aisle

The tradition is that the father of the bride should walk her down the aisle and while that is still something nice, it doesn’t work in every wedding venue or for every bride. Some brides may have two fathers or they may not have a relationship with their father at all. Fathers aren’t a necessity and the bride can have a family friend, her mother, or no one at all walk by her side in the wedding venue.

Guests Choosing A Side

If there were a war going on, it would make sense for guests to choose a side, but this is a wedding. Within the wedding venue, if there is a center aisle, there are two sides to the venue. However, not all destination wedding venues are set up like that and that’s okay, too. There doesn’t need to be a bride’s side and a groom’s side. This tradition is one you can adhere to, but you certainly don’t have to, especially if the wedding venue is set up easier in another manner.

Wedding Cake

While many weddings still feature cake at a reception after, that’s a tradition that doesn’t have to continue, either. Couples can choose another favorite dessert, like pie, ice cream, or nothing at all.

Your Wedding Venue Can Help Determine Traditions

If you’re not one to go the traditional route, your wedding venue can help you get out from beneath some of the traditions you’d rather avoid. Talk with the professionals at Dream Beach Wedding and tell them about the traditions you want and those you want to be left behind. Your wedding venue can be set up in such a way to uphold any traditions you want and avoid those you don’t want. Start your own tradition with a destination wedding!