Wedding Roles for Guests Not in Your Bridal Party

How To Include Guests Who Aren’t in Your Bridal Party

It can be hard to choose who is going to be in your wedding and who is just going to be a guest. When you are having a destination wedding, you will likely limit your guest list to close friends and family. But if everyone around you is dear to you, it is hard to choose who will be in the bridal party and who will be left out. Keep in mind that as you solidify your guest list, there are tasks and jobs that can be included for others to do so no one feels like “just a guest.” Here are a few options to help your guests feel special and included.

Ask Them To Greet

When you are getting ready for the ceremony, it is nice to have someone greeting people as they arrive at the wedding venue. They can show people to their seats, hand out bubbles or bells if you have them, and do other things to make everyone feel welcome. This is an important job and you can emphasize that you are choosing them as someone who is warm and friendly to do it for you.

Add Ceremony Portions

While not everyone can be a bridesmaid, you can include more people than the wedding party in the ceremony. Ask a cousin to walk your grandma to her seat or have someone read a poem during the ceremony. If the person has talent, they could sing or play an instrument when you enter the venue. There are plenty of jobs to go around, depending on how many people you need to include.

Invite Them To The Bachelorette Party

Usually, the bridal party throws the bachelorette party and they are the only ones included, but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way. Make your time with your friends as much fun as you can by inviting others to join in. They will feel like a part of the wedding party since they are invited to that special event.

Marriage License Witness

While anyone over the age of 18 can do it, if you ask someone who hasn’t been included in the wedding party to act as your witness as you sign your marriage license document, it can be very special. This important task is asking someone to officially witness your marriage on a real, signed document. They, in essence, are helping you make the whole ceremony official.

Ask For Advice

While you won’t want to hear advice from just anyone, there are some people who can give you a lot of knowledge. Find a special friend with good taste and ask for help with colors, flower arrangement ideas, and other necessary details. With a destination wedding, you have a wedding planner to help with those tasks, but asking a friend can make them feel more included in the process and less left out at the same time.

Getting Wedding Packages Together

How does this affect wedding packages? The package you choose will depend on how many people will be attending your wedding and how many you’d like to include in your wedding party. Contact Dream Beach Wedding for help with the small and large details.