What Wedding Package Do You Need?

Inspecting Wedding Packages

Your wedding is going to be the biggest day in your life thus far. It takes you from single status and thrusts ‘you’ into ‘we.’ Weddings are beautiful things, when they are done right. And if you want a destination wedding, you’re going to need help. You’re not on location so how much can you really organize yourself, right? And having a wedding planner on-site can really help you relax and just enjoy your engagement as you await the ceremony. Then, you arrive in your exotic location, have fun with your guests, and simply get married. But first, you have to decide on a wedding package. What’s best for you?

Elopement Package

Dream Beach Wedding has a number of package options, so every couple has a range from which to choose. If you want to just get away from it all and get married already, the elopement package is perfect for you. The package is simple but has plenty of romantic details and it good for you, your soon-to-be spouse, and up to six guests. It can be just the two of you, if you want, or you can include your parents, a few close friends, or whoever else you want within the small number. You’ll get an hour of photography to mark the moment and after that, you can enjoy the beauty of the destination on your own.

Fall In Love Package

This package gives you a wider guest list option with anywhere from 75-100 guests. The number is still small and intimate, but you have more space for distant relatives and friends, if they choose to make the trip to your destination. You don’t get photography with this package, but you can add it if you’d like. You’ll get the wedding planner on-site and everything else you need to make the ceremony stand out as a special day.

The Dream Beach Package

This option is one of the most popular since it is designed for couples who want anywhere from 7 to 70 guests. Most beach weddings are on the small, intimate side and this guest range makes it just so. You get a beach feel with a birch wood canopy or you can have a modern look with a copper arch. There are several options from which to choose and you can customize certain things as well.

Wedding Packages Are Your First Choice

Once you decide to get married, the biggest decision you’ll make about the actual wedding is the wedding package you choose to purchase to put your dream beach wedding into motion. When you’re ready to make the decision, or if you want more options and help with the choices, contact Dream Beach Wedding. Our experienced wedding planners are here to help you put together the day of your dreams—right there on the beach. There are location options and plenty of other choices to make within the wedding packages. The planner will handle the details to put your vision into action without you having to stress over anything at all.

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