How To Pull Off A Beach Wedding

Pulling Off A Beach Wedding Without Flaws

When you first start to think about having a destination wedding, there are a lot of advantages. You have the perfect excuse to keep things small and intimate and you know you’re going to have a gorgeous background for pictures. Plus, you can start your honeymoon right away without hopping onto a plane right after the celebration. With everything as you imagine it, you only have to take those images from your mind and place them on the beach. How do you pull that off? Here are a few tips:

Tip 1: Be Realistic

When you are planning a beach wedding, it’s quite possible that you could have warm sunshine, gently waves on your feet, and the feel of sand under your toes. However, there could also be a storm that could ruin your image. It’s imperative to have some sort of weather-related backup plan so you can carry on with your day, even if it isn’t exactly as you imagined it. You certainly didn’t imagine standing in the wind with storm clouds all around you, either.

Tip 2: Remember Nature

When you invite guests to your wedding, you want them to be there to see the big moment. Your vows are special and if you are having a beach wedding, you want everyone you invited to be able to hear them. Keep in mind that you are in a natural setting. You will either have to have your wedding planner figure out how to amplify your vows or you will have to prepare to talk loudly enough so the guests can hear you, especially if you are writing your own vows.

Tip 3: Consider The Heat

Marrying on the beach can be downright gorgeous, but you never know what the temperature will be like since you likely plan a year or at least six months in advance. If you are getting married during a stereotypical hot time of year, consider that heat and have umbrellas, fans, hats, and other items on hand for guests to enjoy to beat the temperatures. You could also have water and lemonade stations nearby for the ceremony in case anyone needs to re-hydrate.

Tip 4: Forget The Shoes

If you’re getting married on the beach, chances are you don’t want to wear high heels for the ceremony. You can forget your shoes entirely, but that could be hot on certain days as well. Consider sand shoes, sandals, or something else that’s more casual, yet protects your feet. Allow guests and even wedding attendants to wear what makes them most comfortable.

Finding Beach Wedding Locations

If you’re ready to start the planning process, a beach wedding planner will have a lot of other tips for you. Having a destination wedding is like a dream come true for many couples because they can hand off their vision to a wedding planner and let them handle the details on location. All they have to do is show up and enjoy the big day alongside their guests.

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