2019 Wedding Trends From A Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Tips On Current Trends

If you’re planning your wedding for 2019, there are special trends in the wedding arena that can make your day truly unforgettable. You might want to incorporate some trends and some timeless classic elements to make your wedding something unique and memorable for many years to come. Here are a few trends popping up this year that many couples are enjoying.

The Rust Color

If you like a retro style, the orange, burgundy color is huge for weddings right now. It can give your wedding a rustic look and feel as well as a desert vibe. It’s a gorgeous color for a fall wedding, but can fit into beach backgrounds any time of the year. You can make a statement with a rust-colored suit on the groom, bridesmaids dresses, or just as accent colors in bouquets and ribbons. The color looks great with the blue sky in the background and can really be set off during a sunset.

Dramatic Floral Arrangements

Weddings almost always feature flowers of some sort, but instead of a simple bouquet, many couples are using flowers are their decorations. For a beach wedding, consider a flower-laden arch that can give the natural display color and beauty. Flowers make the scenery even more unique and one-of-a-kind and can bring the wedding colors you choose into the background of every picture.

Destination Weddings

Weddings in exotic locations are also on-trend this year. You can have your wedding on the beach, overlooking the sea on a cliff, or in other destinations. Your guest list will likely be smaller, but your intimate wedding can go on for days in a location that makes vacationing easy. Destination weddings are always memorable and stand out for all who attend.

Bridal Hats

If you’ve never seen yourself as the type of bride to wear a veil, hats are big this year on brides. You never know if your hair will hold up to the wind on the beach so wearing a fedora, a straw floppy hat, or something else can perfect a boho bridal look. Anything goes with this trend and the groom can have one to match as well.

Moroccan Inspired Themes

The cultural influences of this West African country are finding their way into weddings this year. They include vibrant textiles, star-filled details, pillows, desert hues, and more. You don’t have to get married in Morocco to bring its influence to your destination wedding. Talk to your wedding planner about this trend and see what they can come up with.

Utilize Velvet

Velvet is a big material in home interior design this year and it’s also making its way into weddings. Using velvet in shoes, ribbon hanging from flowers, suit jackets, or other locations is a great way to add color, texture, and luxuriousness to a wedding’s style.

Consult The Wedding Planner For Trends

If you want to stay on trend, but give your wedding a look and feel that won’t make you cringe a few decades from now, consult with your wedding planner with Dream Beach Wedding to find a timeless, yet trendy balance.

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