Unique Beach Wedding Location Ideas

Using Your Beach Wedding Location

If you have decided to have a destination wedding, you’ll have gorgeous pictures and a memorable day behind you once everything is said and done. Beach wedding locations are unique and make your big day stand out among others. They also give you an opportunity to do some aspects of the ceremony a little differently, if you so choose. Since you’re already in the beach in a nontraditional manner, it’s easy to switch things up in other ways without a second thought. Here are a few ways to utilize your beach wedding location to make other intriguing changes to the regular order of things.

Have A Gender-Neutral Wedding Party

Does the bride have a childhood friend who has kept in touch over the years that happens to be male? Does the groom stay close to his female cousin? There’s no reason those people have to be left out of the wedding party or included on the opposite side. Instead of having bridesmaids and groomsmen, consider a gender-neutral wedding party. The bride picks a few of her closest relatives or friends, despite their gender, and the groom does the same. Choose a general color and let the guests dress in what makes them comfortable. You can arrange pictures by bride and groom to showcase which person is with which part of the couple.

Shoes Are Optional

You wouldn’t normally dream of going to a wedding without shoes, right? What would people think if you were to show up to a church or another wedding venue without any shoes on? When it comes to a beach wedding location, however, all bets are off. While your guests might be dressed up in comfortable, yet elegant attire, they don’t have to try to walk through the sand with high heels and other forms of dress shoes. Make shoes optional or allow guests to go completely casual with their footwear. Set the example by doing the same yourself. With a beach wedding location, anything goes.

Hats Are Possibilities

Normally, people wouldn’t wear a hat to a wedding. But this year, trends have hats in play and they really do fit in well with a beach wedding location. Instead of a veil on the bride, consider a hat of some kind. It can look stylish and keep the sun out of her eyes while protecting her hair from too much wind on the beach. Guests can wear hats as well and everyone can feel different than they would at a normal wedding in a regular location.

Get More Beach Wedding Location Ideas

If you want to know what else you could do differently with a beach wedding location, contact Dream Beach Wedding and consult with the wedding planners. They have seen all sorts of wedding ideas on the beach or on the cliffs overlooking the sea. With unique ideas, today’s trends, and your personality and preferences, you can pull off a beach location wedding that is unlike any other you’ve attended before.

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