5 Reasons to Consider a Beach Wedding Venue for a Vow Renewal

Getting The Beach Wedding Venue You Always Wanted

What was your wedding like? Was it everything you always dreamed about or was it something quick at the courthouse? Your wedding is special to you, no matter what it was like. But as your marriage progresses through the years, it’s nice to be able to renew the things you said to your spouse all those years ago. Vow renewal can be just as special as the wedding was initially. While some couples want to go through similar ceremonies they did before, others want to take their renewal to a whole new level and enjoy beach wedding venues. Here are a few reasons to consider a destination wedding for a vow renewal.

Reason 1: Make It Into A Vacation

You probably marked your wedding with a honeymoon (if you didn’t, that’s all the more reason to have one now!) so it only makes sense to mark your vow renewal with an equally lovely vacation. You can celebrate your love and your years together before, during, and after the beach wedding takes place.

Reason 2: Keep It Relaxed

The vow renewal doesn’t have to feel as formal as perhaps your original wedding was. You’re already married. You’re just going for something special to commemorate a special anniversary, perhaps. Taking the renewal to beach wedding venues keeps the atmosphere both beautiful and relaxed at the same time.

Reason 3: Keep It Small

You may have wanted to invite everyone to your wedding so that’s why you kept it located in your hometown. However, for your vow renewal, you really just want close family and friends. That makes a beach wedding venue even more perfect. No one will be hurt not to have been invited and you get the intimate setting you want with those closest to you.

Reason 4: Lack Of Personal Planning

Perhaps you micro managed your original wedding to a T, but this time, you don’t have the time or effort to put into it. That doesn’t mean you don’t want it to turn out perfectly, you just aren’t able to commit as much to it. That makes beach wedding venues a great option because you are able to come up with the ideas and then hand the plans over to a wedding planner who is on location to get everything arranged for you to create the perfect ceremony.

Reason 5: Beautiful Pictures

It’s hard to take a bad picture on the beach, at least where the backdrop is concerned. If your first wedding pictures weren’t stellar, your renewal weddings will be and then some. You can get a photographer along with the beach wedding venue packages to capture the beautiful moments in all the right ways.

Finding Beach Wedding Venues

Before you lock yourself into a vow renewal in your own hometown, consider beach wedding venues to get the wedding you always wanted. Your renewal is special and the Dream Beach Wedding professionals will help you get everything lined up just as you want it.

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