Prepping Guests For Beach Wedding Locations

Beach Wedding Location Preparation

Just because you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day for as long as you can remember doesn’t mean your guests will be as prepared as you are. When you choose a beach wedding location, there are certain things you will want to prepare the guests for so they will be ready for the big day. You don’t want anyone coming in high heels, for example, only to sink into the sand and spend your day in their own misery. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your guests for a beach wedding location so everyone can enjoy the celebration.

Tip 1: Create A Website

More and more couples are creating their own wedding website to give guests details about the day. Plus, it’s a great keepsake that can live on after the wedding. You can list the website on invitations and then include things on it like a suggested dress code, anticipated weather, and other such things. You might tell guests not to forget sunblock, to wear comfortable shoes, to bring a hat or sunglasses, and other such things. That way, everyone will be comfortable and ready for the beach wedding location.

Tip 2: Hand Out Beach Swag

As a welcome to your ceremony, guests usually receive a program with an order of events. But when you have a beach wedding location, you could hand out something else instead. Consider mini water bottles, parasols, sunglasses, sunblock, and other items the guests might need while they are on the beach enjoying your celebration.

Tip 3: Set The Stage With Invites

If you are having a destination wedding, of course guests are going to know that based on the location of the venue. They’ll have to travel to your venue to enjoy the ceremony. When you choose save the date cards or invitations that also have a beachy vibe, they’ll think ahead to the beach conditions even further.

Tip 4: Talk Amongst Yourselves

Most destination weddings include fewer guests because you know not everyone can travel for your big day. Many couples like it that way and enjoy having a more intimate wedding. Since the guest list is small, it’s easy to talk to those who are coming and tell them what the venue is like. You can share pictures via email or social media and make sure everyone coming is well informed as to what the elements will be like on site so they can prepare.

Getting Your Dream Beach Wedding Location

Securing your beach wedding location is as easy as talking to the professionals at Dream Beach Wedding. Not every location is right on the beach. Many couples like having their toes in the sand, but there are also some that simply like to overlook the ocean from a cliff. Talking to a wedding planner can put any couple at ease about the plans as they can easily be pulled together be a professional on-site. Once the dream beach wedding location is set, you can start to inform your guests of the details.

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