Creative Ways To Seat Guests At Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding Seating Possibilities

Destination weddings are unique in every way so it’s okay to be more creative with the seating arrangements for the ceremony. You know you won’t have a huge crowd, but instead a small, intimate setting…just the way you want it. Here are a few creative ways to make sure guests are comfortable, but just where you want them.

Personalize Notes On Chairs

If you want certain guests in certain seats at the wedding ceremony, there’s nothing wrong with placing personalized notes for each guest on the chairs. You can welcome them to the ceremony, thank them for coming, and assign their seats all at the same time. You could even include a beach-related gift like sunglasses, sunblock, a mini water bottle, or something else to get them through the ceremony with comfort.

Photograph It

When you are inviting only a small amount of guests, you can add a photo to their chair so they know just where to sit. It could be a nice photo of them or, better yet, a picture of the couple (or the person closest to them) alongside them. This is a great keepsake that can show them where to sit and give them something to take along with them.

Circle It Up

With an intimate wedding on the beach, some couples like to feel surrounded by their family members and friends. Instead of the standard rows with an aisle in the middle, consider creating a circle around the spot where the couple will marry. Everyone has a good view of what’s going on and the couple is surrounded by love around every corner.

Let Them Stand

If you know your beach wedding isn’t going to take long and the people you have invited are capable, there’s nothing wrong with letting people stand as well. You could designate certain areas or just let people choose where to stand to watch the ceremony take place. Sometimes it’s easier to see from that position and they can watch the ocean behind you at the same time.

Sit By Color

If you have certain colors you want to coordinate into the wedding ceremony, you could decorate chairs in those colors and then have guests sit in the color that coordinates with the person they are closest to. Instead of traditional bride and groom sides, there are orange and off-white chairs or something to that effect. Groom’s guests sit in orange and bride’s guests sit in off-white.

Getting The Destination Wedding Set Up

There are a lot of details that go into a destination wedding and if you want everything to run smoothly, you need the help of a wedding planner who is on location. The wedding planner can take your ideas and implement them for you so everything runs perfectly on your big day. Contact Dream Beach Wedding to talk about the various venues, packages, and wedding planner options. Your seating chart is just one of the many details to cover to get your ceremony to the exact aesthetic you want for your big day.

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